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Default Re: Yossef's finest hour

Thing is though... I don't think it is intended to compete with Japan. How could it? Certainly not on a price basis. Who else makes a bike like this? Shaft drive, ABS, 170mph...

This thing is like an UBER sport-tourer...

This one, like most BMW bikes, it is just enough different to be in a class by itself. Whether you like it or not is up to you.

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Default Re: 2005 BMW K1200S

515# dry weight?! 50# of that must be in that beautifully and completely over-engineered front-end. Too bad they didn't direct their engineering energy to something like curing cancer - they might have succeeded if that front-end linkage is any evidence. Sure it gets the frame lower, but at what cost/weight? Besides - only those that can afford this thing are going to be able to afford the maintenance on it. Maybe it's the pre-cursor to a shaft driven front end. What's next - CV joints?
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Default Re: 2005 BMW K1200S

Some of you guys are just UJM idiots!! GO see the bike and then tell me what ya think
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Default Re: 2005 BMW K1200S

I really didn't like BMWs. They just looked too funny. Then I got a chance to ride the K12S for 3 days.

Servo-Assisted ABS brakes? Love 'em. No more thoughts about full power braking. Just squeeze with one finger for maximum braking power. Wonderful.

That front end is fantastic. Once you stop trying to use dive and chassis pitch to determine what the front end is doing, you begin to really feel the front end is doing and the feedback is great.

It handles way better than it should. It goes from knee to knee as quickly and easily as the '98 ZX-9R I raced to an amateur championship and it's only slightly more effort than the '01 GSXR-1000 I endurance raced.

This bike is truly different in a great way. On a twisty road, it fully has the potential to leave behind a Hayabusa or a ZX-12.

For high performance street riding there is no better bike.

I don't apologize for being a walking advertisement - the bike is that good.

Greg Gorman


Greg Gorman
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Default Re: 2005 BMW K1200S

Love the performance but not the looks... felt the opposite about the BMW GT... oh well you cant have everything... and since the new Beemer doesnt please my sense of aestetics I have saved myself some cash... did I mention that the damned bike costs more than many cars! I will keep riding my faithful Triumph Daytona 1200 until Bimota puts a back seat onto the Tesi so that it can please my better half.
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