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Default Re: Don't tell Buzglyd and longride

They dont....only you do
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Default Surrealism lives!

good one. honda and dada in the same discussion. maybe from a design standpoint i see it. i would pay money to be present at any kind of discussion between a dada influenced communist from the mid 20s and a honda motorcycle engineer/designer in 2004. there would be more headscratching than in the monkey cage at the l.a. zoo.

the whole discussion reminds me of warren zevon's song "gorrilla you're a desparado" starts like this

big gorrilla at the l.a. zoo

snatched glasses right off my face

took the keys to my bmw

left me here to take his place.

r.i.p. mr. zevon
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The Toad

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Default Re: 2005 Hondas

I do have a positive comment to make. Honda has positively gone to the Harley warehouse and stolen Electra Glide front fenders and bolted them onto the VTX touring models. You can see them on the two pictures at the bottom. I am positive they did this.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Where's the 599?

my reading skills apparently aren't that good at 3 am. I totally missed the second sentence, mr. alexander. I guess they can't compete with the cheaper z750 and fz6...hopefully they bring back a better version the 2nd time around.
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Default Re: 2005 Hondas

The" Big Ruckus" looks like a Cushman Trailster. It's even the right color. That, or a thalilomide Triumph.

No way am I going to pay 5 grand for that, or seven-eight grand for a dirt bike.

BTW, I paid $2,100.00 out the door in 1987 for a new blue, gold and red CR500R. Prices are nutz anymore, I don't think they've kept pace with folks like me. Married, with children.

You'll have to excuse me, but I'm going out to the garage now, to scrape the muck out of 34 year old CL350 float bowls. Use protection!
A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: 2005 Hondas

Nplateau, my friend, I too am the artsy type. The difference is that, naturally, we all don't all agree on what constitutes real art (if one can say there is such a thing). I don't object to an innovative or colorful design if it pleases me. I just don't see slapping some tired tribal theme on a bike as art. I don't give a phuck if someone took 30 days to paint the thing with his wang, it's still totally derivative and I don't think this kind of thing works well with the lines of a sportbike.

I find the whole custom paint thing kind of distressing. It takes away from the "art" (if you will permit me) inherent in the design of the motorcycle. Busy paint breaks up the lines of a bike. I don't think most custom painters even consider the design of the motorcycle when they create the paint. It's all about sticking as many stupid flames and skulls and tribal art and strippers and (enter favorite visual cliche here) as possible on the bike. Yes, artistry and craftmanship is used to do this, but is the final product art? I think it's just showing off. Art is supposed to move you in some way. At the most, this stuff just fashion.

To my eyes, art is something like a Ducati 916 in one glorious color so I can see every subtle detail, line and nuance of the design. I still remember the first time I saw one.

I think that we're too willing to call anything art these days because we dare not offend anyone by calling tired, derivative crap what it is.

But that's my opinion. One man's crap is another's art.

More importantly, you're right on about the RC51.
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Default Re: 2005 Hondas

Well, I guess my taste is a little weird too - I like the matte grey lower panels on the '04 (which is what I have), and I dislike the all red.

The 1000RR, in my view, doesn't really have great lines - it's kind of chopped up and needs chopped up paint schemes to look right. The RC211V looks terrible in one color too (Biaggi's blech yellow Camel bike is just aweful), though, so that should be expected.

I think that the 1000RR is overbuilt, and you can see it - the radiator and frame are massive, the swingarm is just a huge block of aluminum, pushing the gas tank down probably fattens the middle - all performance related, but these things don't help the "beauty" of the bike. Of course, I personally find beauty in not finding my ass sliding across the tarmac because Honda's built such a stable platform, but once again, that's just me.

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