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Default Re: Macho?

Ya know John-boy... you're trouble is... you can't make up your mind if you want to be Machiavelli or Rosa Parks.
911 is for Pussies.
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Default terrific write up ...

stories like that remind me of why you guys rock compared to the paper journos. nice work!

here's an idea for a followup story: Ebass' secrets for gettin laid on the road.
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Default Re: 2004 MO Sport Touring Shootout

First off, it's good to see that MO's relationship with Honda has apparently been repaired.

It's no surprise to see the most underpowered bike, the 1150RT, place second. After all the BMW boxer twin was the bike that basically defined this class for years, seeing as the old boxers were smaller lighter bikes that had the best reliability in the world. These twins have only improved since then. The only drawback I've found to them is their wheeziness in the higher Rockies.

It's interesting to see bikes that would have been considered porkers not too long ago, being heavier than 70's FLHs, actually be considered sporttourers at all. Most of this can be chalked up to the vast improvements in frames and suspensions that allow 650+ pound behemoths wear their weight well.

All that being said, I'd still consider the Ksaski and the Triumph to be more in my liking since they are more sport oriented and with a little tweaking can be acceptably comfy. The much lower price of these two is another important consideration.

Put ABS on the Ksaki and the Triumph and they'd be even more desirable.

The problems associated with BMW's K series are inexcusable in my book, considering the high cost of these bikes. Reliability problems, overheating and occasional electrical fires are simply inexcusable in even a cheaper bike, much less one this expensive.

One may expect a sportbike to have urban heat problems as a difficult to avoid characteristic, given the extremely high output. In a $17K+ touring bike it is unacceptable.
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Default Re: 2004 MO Sport Touring Shootout

The instructor failed Pete on principal? Was he boffing the principal at the time?
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Default Re: terrific write up ...

Mind-boggling amounts of alcohol is a good start. It also helps to know a little something about NASCAR.
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