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bcvaughan 08-07-2004 06:41 AM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
uhg, another press release . . . . when are you guys gonna start writing more articles?

stoney8888 08-07-2004 06:57 AM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
According to the Harley press release that V-max is like a whole new line of motorcycle with all those big changes. still yawn

BMW4VWW 08-07-2004 01:28 PM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
No MT 01 too bad. VWW

vcs700s 08-07-2004 03:10 PM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
Old news. I read about this on Motorcycle Cruiser and Motorcycle USA over two weeks ago. How about something a little more original?

schizuki 08-07-2004 05:55 PM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
Nothing of interest to me personally. But I still like to hear what the manufaturers are up to, and the press releases are entertaining in a "who writes this hilariously hyperbolic cheese?" kind of way. Keep 'em coming. I don't expect 365 original, exclusive stories per year that cater to my own particular interests.

Hey, fellow MOrons - it's August/September, when the new bikes start rolling out to the press. It's like Christmas. Don't be Grinchy every time you open an underwhelming gift.

Buzglyd 08-07-2004 05:57 PM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
Only if the emblems are cloisonne!

obandoj 08-08-2004 03:40 AM

Re: 2005 Yamaha Street Bikes
Yes, you are right, and when members post interesting subjects, they still have to get pass master MoFo longride, and he is either too arrogant or too lazy to post them and would rather have nothing on, as it happens often, so go figure. it is still a pretty good website, but they should get rid of that lonride dude, and by the way, he can dish it out but can not take it back!

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