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Default Re: who buys these?

What annoys me, is people that attach their ego to their bike no matter what brand, be it Harley, Honda or whatever, and then spout crap about every other brand but theirs. Damn, just ride what you like and leave the other guys out of it. What people ride, and why they ride it makes no difference to me. If buying a Harley makes someone feel cool then more power to em. Just like your purchase made you feel like you got a better bike for a better price than a Harley. Good on you. Victory makes nice motorcycles. I never said any different. You say I'm a "Harley Guy". Well, I've owned more Hondas than Harleys in my lifetime. I currently own a Kaw ZX9R and a Yam V-Max. Sound like a "Harley Guy" to you? I also own a Shovelhead and an Electra-Glide Classic. One for riding, and one for picking parts up off the street! I enjoy ALL motorcycles, and if I had enough money, I would have one of every brand out there. Lots of people dislike Harleys. Most of em never even sat on one. That's what bugs me more than any RUB on his new Harley, or pimple faced squid on his new 600. If I'm going to dislike something, I at least want to ride it. Friendly banter is fine, but over the internet, it's hard to see friendly from the same old BS. If we rode together, I wouldn't mention if I had what and you had what. Just riding is the important thing. I never really cared what I was on, as long as I was riding. That's my take anyway.
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Default Re: who buys these?

I hear you and agree with all that - right down to the ZX-9R. Mine's a '96. You're right about the banter thing - hard to convey in text. And if you can't have a little friendly ribbing going on in forums about the funnest thing on earth (ok, 2nd funnest thing), then what the heck is the point? It's not like I come on here for any serious conversation. I do enough of that in the rest of my life. So I guess I'll just go back to riding alot (something I do every day on my commute), reading some, and writing none.

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