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longride 06-03-2004 06:34 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
It's the Official Harley(tm) Road Dirt Kit. It retails for $99.99, which is a bargain if you ever priced dirt, and you get a custom dirt bucket and applicator included. Buz gets 20% off because he is a GPTB member. Kit is said to give you that authentic "rode it to Sturgis and back in the rain" look. Certainly a bargain at twice the price.

Buzglyd 06-03-2004 06:36 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
I used to buy the dirt from the dealer but at $29.95 a can, it was cutting into my shopping sprees at Express for Men.

Those wizards at S&S have come up with a similar dirt product, which at $19.95, saves me a bundle.

SeanAlexander 06-03-2004 06:50 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
Lighten up folks. His comments are aimed squarely at EBass and I. As several of you have noted, he has a right to express his opinion. I know my own writing is sans grace, in fact, it will continue to be so, because the overwhelming majority of the feedback I receive on it is positive. If it makes the site happy, I'm not going to change it.

sportbike_pilot 06-03-2004 06:50 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
Gosh they get you guys coming and going don't they? Charge you for even more for the dirt than they do the bucket for water and custom cleaning kit MO reviewed a while back for removing it. Next thing you know they'll be charging extra to make them self-waxing too.

Why doesn't my Honda/Yamaha dealer have anything like this? Slackers?

sportbike_pilot 06-03-2004 06:53 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
Aw c'mon Sean -- if we can't rough up the new guy how else are we supposed to entertain ourselves.

OK, ok.

My bike is better than yours.........

johnnyb 06-03-2004 07:32 AM

I got as far as the part about me getting a DUI on a test bike. I never got a DUI on a motorcycle, any motorcycle, ever, but thanks for the libel. I did get one in Jagrolet bout 5 yrs ago, tho, in lovely Newport Beach; Berlin on the Pacific. (So did George Bush, one thing i like about him at least. Liked.)

wwalkersd 06-03-2004 07:32 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
Hello! My name is... oh, never mind. :-)

Carving is carving, whether you do it with a laser scalpel or a broadsword. Try it on a Road King sometime. It feels fast even though you're going a lot slower than you would on a sport bike.

wwalkersd 06-03-2004 07:35 AM

Re: EBass - Napa Valley Tour
Yup. There's just one more thing these trip reports need: maps! I know, I know, from the description of the roads we could plot it out ourselves, but we're lazy, and expect a lot for our money.

BMW4VWW 06-03-2004 07:45 AM

Re: harumph...
I knew about George's drinking, but was unaware that he was a Jagrolet aficionado. VWW

ebass 06-03-2004 08:01 AM

Re: harumph...
Didn't mean to imply that you actually committed any of those infractions JB, and I don't think it reads as such. Methinks all that good free Starbucks is making you extra-angry and bitter these days! Odd though that you would choose to protest the DUI inference and let the spouse boning and rabbit boiling anecdotes stand uncontested. Wanna share the rest of those stories with the class?



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