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tonyharrah 05-22-2004 10:02 PM

Re: Tonana you are still a hick and ignorant as well.
I said FROM Sacremento. I don't live there NOW. Man, you are stupid.

4% interest vs. 23% in stock market averaged over last 3 years. Hmmmm, where would you want to put your money?

tonyharrah 05-22-2004 10:04 PM

Re: KPaul looking for cool jeans
From previous post:

"I am here for ya."

How, exactly, should I take that?

Kpual 05-22-2004 10:07 PM

Re: KPaul looking for cool jeans
Now I'm gettin' all hot! I love you! You're the perfect man for me! Oh! Stop! Too fast! No! Keep doin' it!

tonyharrah 05-22-2004 10:20 PM

Re: Tonana you are still a hick and ignorant as well.
Busted! I've got to be honest here: We moved to Montana in 1985. Am I a hick?--I don't think so. I don't hunt, fish, or chew tobacco.

Who said everyone in the stock market earns the average? Maybe you're just not indexing the right markets (You're probably in actively managed funds, haha). Insurance through State Farm is cheap (if you have your car there). My 636cc Ninja is CHEAPER than my BMW 650cc Dual Sport.

I'm not from Butte. I've driven (and ridden) through Butte, though.

mile_eater 05-23-2004 04:29 AM

Re: Casual Protective Gear
I wouldn't be so stupid as to ask y'all to crash test the stuff... but...

Since you do occasionally bite it... you could certainly offer reviews of how the gear held up. Take the gear Sean was wearing when he somehow saved his brother from an almost certain Darwin Nomination...

I know he mentioned some of the stuff in passing in the main article.. but I'd like to know more specifics about how the gear helped save his carcass.

And wasn't it the infamous Minime who got T-Boned on the SV-650? Or was it Calvin... ahh who can tell? Either way, someone was geared up in an aerostich... How did it do? what about the boots and gloves? what about the lid?

kjam68 05-23-2004 11:53 AM

Re: Casual Protective Gear
Not to beat a dead horse, but Draggin' has testimonials on their website of people who have eaten it pretty hard. Check it out.

tonyharrah 05-23-2004 06:46 PM

Re: Tonana you are still a hick and ignorant as well.
Sacremento should be Sacramento.

Lola should be Lolo.

From Lolo Pass down into Idaho is one road I absolutely have to do this year. Thanks for fighting fire. I hope we don't need you guys this summer as bad as we did last summer.

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