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BMW4VWW 05-13-2004 12:50 PM

Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.
If you think that there is any subtantive difference between McCain, Bush, Kerry, or Ted Kennedy as to the direction that any of them are taking our country, then you have taken your eye off of the ball. VWW

longride 05-13-2004 01:05 PM

Re: Vanson Vent Jacket
Nice review on the Vanson jacket. I have a vented Vanson Cobra and it's top shelf. Pricey, but you get what youpay for. It's a lifetime quality leather. Seru, Buz I'm off for a while on a tour. Gonna go do a little Michigan, Canada, New York shuffle on the Geezer. You guys keep up the good work working over your favorite punching bag till I get back!

BMW4VWW 05-13-2004 01:10 PM

Re: Kerry to select Republican (McCain) as Defense Sec.
The mere fact that Kerry is comfortable enough with McCain to consider him for an important cabinet position, and McCain says that he is supporting Bush in this election, ought to be a red flag to anyone with more common sense than a rock just how incestuous this little oligarchy of the republicrat party is.

Save your money, and don't buy that xxxl helmet KP. There is nothing of any value north of your muscular shoulders to protect. VWW

BMW4VWW 05-13-2004 01:18 PM

Re: Here it is
Given the fact that she married you, she probably thinks it's supposed to be flattering. VWW

johnnyb 05-13-2004 01:45 PM

Re: Vanson Vent Jacket
when will you deliver my Buell Mr. Tough guy?

Buzglyd 05-13-2004 02:06 PM

Re: Vanson Vent Jacket
I'll follow you in my truck to pick up all the parts!

Ride fast, take chances. Remember, the most important thing is to get there as quickly as possible regardless of safety.

12er 05-13-2004 02:40 PM

Re: Vanson Vent Jacket
Keep a rain suit under your seat.

pdad13 05-13-2004 03:40 PM

Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.
That's because you don't seem to be a d*ck.

pdad13 05-13-2004 03:49 PM

Re: Seruzawacko strikes agian.
Actually, I do listen to NPR, too. Some of us like to hear all sides of the story and draw our own conclusions.

sarnali 05-13-2004 04:50 PM

Re: Vanson Vent Jacket
Buddy I've got about 75 lbs on you and long curly brown hair, If it's traumatized you want.............

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