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Steven_Verschoor 04-27-2004 10:35 AM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout - Those who can't do, *****.

LOL, actually, Mile_eater, my point was not about the Suzuki. It was about YOU. Specifically, you're shooting your mouth off before checking the facts.</p>

You just said:</p>

<blockquote>As for our point about the GSXR-1000 and the R-1, go read those shootouts. See what's written about each bike the first year they were intro'd. They are wild. They are uncontrolable. But now two years later they are calm and easy.</blockquote>

Apparently you've neglected to heed your own condescending advice about reading the reviews. Here is MO's closing paragraph from the 2001 GSX-R First Ride:</p>

<blockquote>So, did the Year 2001 GSX-R1000 scare us like we thought it might? Not exactly, though it did make us tremble from time to time. And where open bikes are concerned and big power wheelies and darkies are the name of the game, this latest Suzuki thrills like no other ever has before.</blockquote>

And here are MO's closing thoughts from the 2001 GSX-R Street Ride:</p>

<blockquote>This appears to be the bike to beat in the Y2K-plus-one. It's wicked fast and it handles. It takes over-the-counter potency to a new level. But is brute force what the people want? Could this bike be too much? It just may be Pandora's box. But, whether or not that's a good thing is up to you.</blockquote>

So you see, Mile_eater, nobody at MO claimed the GSXR was "wild" or "uncontrolable". Quite the contrary, MO said the bike "handles".

So how about if you apologize for calling people "sissies" and "Nancy"?</p>

You gonna own up to shooting your mouth off? Or are you going to pull a KPAUL and make excuses?</p>

mscuddy 04-27-2004 11:20 AM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
..or a Yamaha...

ebass 04-27-2004 12:10 PM

So I guess that near miss T-bone between ....
... a parked Deuce and a Buell that had rocketed out of control on one wheel doesn't count, huh?!

Who was the poor wide-eyed sucker sitting on that Deuce, anyway? Oh yeah, it was me!

And who was the hooligan misbehaving on the Blast, JB? Huh? Huh? Huh?


rapier 04-27-2004 12:44 PM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
Kawi did the smart Kawi thing to get people to plop down money by making it the fastest. EVERYONE knows that in the end this sells a significant percentage of these kind of bikes.

But how can it be so much faster with only a few HP more than the others? Since there isn't a 1/4 mile or top end test your going by seat of the pants I suppose but how can it really be that much quicker?

The only rational thing I can think of is more effective ram air. I suspect however something that isn't rational. For 25 years or so Kawi had the fastest bike and so with that in mind it felt faster. Just like the Honda felt more refined, etc. etc.

Besides that what comes thru is the obvious; that all these bikes are great. It's impossible if you love bikes not to love any of them.

I'm an old man and wouldn't touch a one of them. My ZZR is too fast for me and I wish I could afford a LeMans or Multistrada.

johnnyb 04-27-2004 01:14 PM

Re: So I guess that near miss T-bone between ....

that's enterTAAAIIIINMEEEEEEEENT! you right ebass, only missed you by 30 or 40 yards man... o well, glad nobody was kilt if any blood had spattered on a Honda it would've been serious grief man.

what's the next big story and when? i'm going back to sleep now.

SeanAlexander 04-27-2004 01:46 PM

Editorial Gratitude
Frankly, I'm surprised to hear you imply that there was some "editorial gratitude" given to Honda. I resent the implication, but will resist the urge to tell you to go f@ck yourself, because I know you could make written mincemeat out of me any time you chose. Aside from your current employment affiliation, I don't see why the CBR winning this shootout is so hard for you to accept. Whatever your feelings are for me personally, I think you know that I'm not afraid to say unpopular things. The truth is: I AM quite grateful that Honda has allowed MO back into the testing pool, but that's as far as it goes. If the Honda WASN'T the fastest bike at the racetrack, then the R1 would have been the winner of this contest. However, the fact remains that the Honda went faster than the other bikes in the test. More importantly, it went faster while being significantly easier to ride and while keeping the drama to a minimum. On the street, it's a brilliant and unflappable motorcycle. Perhaps the Yamaha or Kawasaki would have won if my hand wasn't broken. On the other hand, I think my current condition allowed me to gain more insight into the rider friendliness of each bike. -Sean

brickl 04-27-2004 02:08 PM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
Sean said: "Have YOU ever made a mistake while riding, or exceeded the speed limit? Dis you think you were guilty of a rediculous stunt afterward?"

Well, Sean, I'm not a motojournalist who (purportedly) gets paid for attempting to coherently and credibly inform his readership of the state of motorcycle art and science. I'm not charged with assembling a crew of TEST RIDERS who are able to effectively contribute to a comparison test. And I'm not charged with managing and instructing that crew to ensure that they comprehend and implement safe and effective group riding procedures.

I'm just a guy out here with the opinion that you should leave stupid tales like this out of the story for fear that you might look stupid. I'm just a guy who believes you should think hard about implementing more rigid and legitimate testing methodologies and procedures...

scfrank 04-27-2004 02:33 PM

Re:Condolensces Sean
Sorry about the accident.

My dad was a highway patrolman and dealt with this almost every day. Only thing he wanted to know was anyone hurt and how bad. The rest was clean up. Hope your hand heals fully and quickly. Good job avoiding more serious injuries. Next time provide better training about U-Turns and adherence to the plan, I'm sure you thought of that already.

Keep MO going. I enjoy reading this and the chance to participate.

Frank in South Carolins

kjam68 04-27-2004 02:38 PM

Re: 2004 Open Class Shootout
I will be happy to kick your ass on my less than top tier 999!

Buzglyd 04-27-2004 02:49 PM

Re: Editorial Gratitude
That was a cheap shot JB. I'm an amatuer, non-motojournalist "Harley guy," and I picked the 599 number 1 in the middleweight comparo.

What gratitude was I expressing?

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