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Default Re: When your Triumph breaks let me know. I have a lust for a yellow Daytona


I'm with him... I'm on my second Sprint ST ('00 & '03), my buddy has a '00 Speed Triple, and we have had nothing go wrong with the bikes that required a trip to the dealer. They run like hot stink, sound great (with the obligatory "off-road" pipe) and don't look like anybody else's product.

That being said, for several bikes with the same motor (pretty much), the different bikes have completely different characters. The Daytona, Sprint, Tiger and SpdTrip feel nothing like the other.

Check 'em out!
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Default Re: My Pick is Still the FZ6

I, too, just got an FZ-6 (I'm in the East Bay - is it something about this area?), and having just gotten off a 99 EX-500, I have no doubt as to which is the better bike. Despite all of the comments about vibration, the FZ-6 is worlds more comfortable to ride - I can actually contemplate riding a couple of hours at a time on it, whereas doing that with the EX-500 would have me staggering off the bike, with my right arm feeling like it had been connected to a battery all day.

I think it points up the hazard of defining such a broad class of bikes - really, trying to compare an EX-500 with an FZ-6 with a Ducati just seems like stretching the definitions of "middleweight" and "standard" a bit too far.

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Default Re: Middleweight? Flyweight?

Yes. Well, maybe...

But only under two conditions:

#1: You'll be on the Sporkster.

#2: You won't pass me in front of everyone at Newcom's Ranch.

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Default Re: Middleweight Standards Comparo

This is why I pay you guys.

I used to own the Kaw 500R, and I want my next bike to be a Speed Four. Thanks for the POVs!

You just got another $11.94 renewal yesterday.
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Default Re: Bought the DL

The FZ6 is not buzzy. Stupid tach. yes. Motorcycle consumer news picked the FZ6 over the 599. MCN in England picked the new FZ6 as the best all around of 2004. Rider mag. preferred the FZ6 over the 599 and the SV6S.

And MCN (U.S.) said the 599 "was buzzy!"

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Default Re: Middleweight? Flyweight?

It's a straightaway infront of Newcombs, on the Sportster, there would be little chance of me passing you in a straight line.
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