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Default Re: Harley Davidson Cleaning Products

How did the staff at MO know that I was sitting literally on the EDGE OF MY CHAIR waiting for a Harley accessory article?

I'm trying to learn to be tolerant of Harley stuff, even to the point of mildly defending the faithful, but please - no accessories.
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Default Re: Harley Davidson Cleaning Products

Get a permanent magic marker for $1.95 and scribble "Harley-Davidson" on the bucket. Viola! You've saved 48 simoleans!
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: I like the paper better too

Buy a laptop and set up a wireless network in the house.
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Default Re: Kawasaki Dog Sweaters

I know where you can get a pee yellow dog sweater.
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Default Re: I hate lawyers...

Too bad such a huge name, an American icon no less, puts out such a crappy product. I work in a small independent shop in the middle of nowhere, usa. I see twin cam models regularly being towed in. The problems range from munched cam bearings to oil pump bolts that drop out (!). It is inconceivable to me that such an expensive product, that is touted so damn proudly, is such an unreliable, potentially dangerous, P.O.S. ! I am totally dumbfounded as to why a company, so dis-loyal to its customers can enjoy such phenomenal customer loyalty! I guess the bottom line is this: If they cant get air-cooled pushrod v-twins right after nearly a hundred years of making them, will they EVER get it right? And after the incredible customer loyalty shown (especially considering the "amf" years) , and the record profits of the last 20 years, how can they, in good conscience, NOT recall the entire twin cam production, and make it right? I think harleys attitude of late has been that of the stereotypical big corporation. Greedy,and without conscience. And I think harleys total lack of respect for thier customers, and thier product (twin-cam), is a disgrace to thier own legend. History will not be kind to H-D over this. Perhaps if they hired more engineers than lawyers, they would build a better product. The example of the v-rod comes to mind, as it has an excellent reliability record. Oh but wait, the v-rod engine was designed in germany, by Porsche. Hey! maybe if harley turned ALL of thier engineering over to Porsche (solves thier engineering problems), and assembled them in Japan (solves thier build-quality problems), they could devote all thier American resources to thier deepest, truest passion: Litigation.
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Default Re: Harley Davidson Cleaning Products

Can't take it...gotta spew....

I get as tired of the "Harley" marketing as ayone but really, to be fair, they have been the number 2 selling bike here for a while. Only Honda, with a much broader line, passes their numbers. So you know, right or wrong, there are going to be followers. I just wish I could get people to pony up $60 bucks for a $5 bucket.

As with most anything, you pay for concept and execution, not ideas,

It does dawn on me though, that though I often make fun of the Harley anything, I am always excited to find a Vmax anything!

Gotta watch that hypocritical stuff.....

paul from Minnesota
paul from Minnesota
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