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Betamax 02-17-2004 11:50 PM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
first post!

I dunno how the R1 will shape up in a comparo; from the review, seems it might not be quite as trick as the RR or ZX10, but at least it's got the others beat for looks. That's the sexiest looking bike I've ever seen without the name Ducati on it.

Kudos to Yamaha for building it.

Orangetrak 02-18-2004 01:02 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
100 mph in 1st gear?!? Is that common for liter bikes? Geez, shorter gearing might be in order. And, I count a 2k increase in redline, not 3k as listed unless redline went up tp 14.7k. .....Looks good though.....

waepoint 02-18-2004 02:22 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
This new R1 is all-day sexy, but will she respect me in the morning? No, probably not ...

SRMark 02-18-2004 02:22 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Boy are you younger MO readers gonna be pist when your body can no longer fold up to fit on one of these great sport bikes. All I can do is watch, but some times that is enough. (Don't feel too sad for me, I have a nice collection of bikes and still ride quite bit. I just can't ride sport bikes.) Well done Yamaha. And if you readers think you might want one, just go do it. The clock keeps ticking.

Holy_Kaw 02-18-2004 02:57 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
That thing sounds Awesome getting under 2nd? in hauling ass. I still prefer the look of the ZX (of course) but am seriously looking forward to the comparo. I'd be Sooooo glad to "help" on that test. Give me a call (collect)for that Older, Heavier, but still "Speed Freak" perspective. These are great days to be a motorcyclist/ motorcycle enthusiast! High Ho, High Ho, it's off to Daytona I go!

RonXX 02-18-2004 02:59 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Good Lord that bike is incredible! Too bad I won't be able to afford insurance for one until I'm 40 years old. But by then, bikes will be powered by the earth's magnetic field anyway.

Mooner 02-18-2004 03:02 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
You know, I used to think I wanted a Litre bike for my next street bike. The problem is they keep making them better looking, but they are starting to scare the bejesus out of me! 180 HP and under 400 lbs is becoming the standard. Yikes! I am not one to complain about too much power, and I probably wouldn't complain too much were I to ride one (the grin would most likely be too big to talk). God help me if I actually get a chance to get on one. The "worlds most perfect motorcycle (VFR)", just may go by the wayside (either it or me).

Anti-ChickenStrip 02-18-2004 04:48 AM

Cool Videos....
I don't know, the racetrack videos are always way fun to watch, but they just don't seem to get my blood boiling like the road footage.

I think it is safe to say that the majority of us spend 90% of our riding time on the street, so seeing a bike ridden in that environment is more connected to reality and thus, more invigorating for me.

Don't know about anyone else, but it is also great watching Sean in action....very smoooottthhhhhh.

sportbike_pilot 02-18-2004 04:49 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Great review Sean, but to what euphemistic/scatalogical/vernacularistic image does

"hole-hog" pay homage? Do I detect an intent beyond mere alliteration? A Freudian malapropism perhaps??? Is this the journalistic equivalent of a bare tit corrupting our innocent sensibilities with sexual images out of context for a motorcycle review? I noticed that you did invoke sexual references in this piece. I'm gonna complain to the minister of my church (Oh, wait - that would be me )

Now I am beginning to understand your nom de guerre. You really are the filthiest person I have ever met.


SRMark 02-18-2004 04:59 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
You owe me for the price of one Curad. I spent so much time looking up all those big words in the dictionary that I ended up with a bad paper cut. Would a scatalogical malapropism be a malapoopism?

Dryfly 02-18-2004 05:14 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
I want one.........Now!!

nweaver 02-18-2004 05:23 AM

D*MN, that's S*X on 2 wheels...
The R1 is way way way too much bike for me, but damn it looks good.

If only they made the 600 look as good...

ewok1 02-18-2004 05:33 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
i wonder if his article is enough to get you thinking that it may be time to trade up from that dog slow 954?

i know i am ready to get one of those idaho antique license plates for my 7r.

i expect congress will hold a hearing on the article.

it's probably time to ban hole-hog on the internet. for one thing it's impossible to determine if it is a word or a phrase.

johnnyb 02-18-2004 05:47 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
I'm concerned that the 5mm thinner brake discs may warp, in addition to the hog hole. By the by, this thing uses fractured con-rod big-ends (but Yamaha didn't want people to think they are "broken.") I too remember the wild Croatian Retsinab from the `00 R1 launch, slithering across Catalunya like a spavined anaconda...

Nice Scoop guys! SA, is this one overall easier to ride than last year's? I bet it is, and more comfy too. How's the new 32 bit FI work compared to last year's, which was the smooooothest system going? People seem to be intimidated by 180 horsepower and all that, but oftentimes really powerful bikes are easy to ride, provided there's smooth delivery. Am I right? well am I? Yes of course I am. Er, when can I borrow that for a summer?

johnnyb 02-18-2004 05:54 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
also sounds like a little more preload in back to deal with your considerable mass might've fixed things right up but I imagine you tried that eh?

ebass 02-18-2004 06:09 AM

Careful JB...
... that 180 hp may be too much power for a brittle retiree such as yourself to handle going hole hog. One ill-timed sneeze and you may find yourself hurtling head over hog hole down the Ortega Highway.


Nothing personal, oh great and mighty legend, but MO is so much more entertaining in the abscence of your proofreading skills!

Tongue in cheekily yours,


gforces 02-18-2004 06:19 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
umm, just do what the germans do and stick some higher handlebars on--or wait for the new FZ1.

Flickmeister 02-18-2004 07:01 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Ringing statement of the obvious.....another year where us sportbike aficionados wont' have one second to be bored. All of these monsters (along with last year's winner, the GSXR1000) are so damned good that it will be a matter of what features, what styling, and what dealer appeals to you most. Though time (and the required shootouts) will tell, I wouldn't be surprised if my current steed ('03 Gixxer Thou) finishes last or close to the bottom of the food chain. Doesn't matter one iota to me. Any of these bikes are incredible winners. The far bigger question is whether rider abilities and improvements are any where near keeping the pace of this hi-tech machinery. History shows that the bikes get better, the riders don't, and lap times stay the same (not including bonafide roadracers).

As far as the bikes go, from what I've read so far, the Honda applies power to the ground better and sooner, is deceiving in it's ability to generate great speed, and has great brakes. The Kawi steers the quickest and really screams, has great brakes, but may be a little slap happy. The Yammie has a good balance of quick steering and a screaming top end, and the Gixxer may still have the most power in the low & mid range, steering reasonably quickly with great stability. I HATE IT when people write into forums and tell us how a bike works before anyone has ridden the thing (which I sort of just did). Conjecture means absolutely nothing. I read everything I can get my hands on, but then form my own opinion. I have found some of the moto press to be very accurate (according to my needs) and others to be way off base. So, read what you need, but form your own opinions, buy according to what will work best for you, and will provide you with the biggest grin factor. Even the last place bike (I'd guess the Gixxer) is so incredibly good, we all win. The best investment we can make is constantly trying to improve our riding skills to appreciate these incredible beasts even more. From what I've read so far, the neatest newest sportbike for having a ball on the street is the GSXR600 (along with the rest of it's 600cc brethren). For the old & lazy, such as myself, there is something thoroughly intoxicating about have real power at 4000 RPM. Long live the Big Dogs! Cheers, Jack

SeanAlexander 02-18-2004 07:05 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Yes, I tried it, no it didn't help. The problem only occurred through rough sections at high lean angles and throttle openings. On a smooth racetrack, it probably isn't as much of an issue.

SeanAlexander 02-18-2004 07:08 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Dear Sir,

As I mentioned in the story, the bike is quite smooth and tractable when changing throttle inputs. This is partly due to excellent FI and partly due to tall gearing. In general, it's a 180 horsepower *****cat, nothing that would upset your hog's hole.

Buzglyd 02-18-2004 07:12 AM

What's the highwayman's take?
On the hog holes I mean.

SeanAlexander 02-18-2004 07:20 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Ooops, ok here's my excuse: I stayed up until 2:30am last night to finish the article. You are indeed correct, the redline is up (a still amazing) 2,000 Rpm from last year's bike.

Thanks for pointing that out, I've corrected the text. I'm leaving "hole-hog" just the way it was originally written, not because I was sharp enough to write it that way, but because I like the dirty connotation, thanks to the comments from the peanut gallery.

johnnyb 02-18-2004 07:23 AM

and another thing...
Honda might be quicker off the bottom on account a those guys gave it a freakin cassette gearbox--meaning it can be sold with a low first gear, and changed for the track provided of course one doesn't mind paying for new gear pairs. Prolly cheap i'm sure, harumph, and readily available.

R1 on the other hand, went with real crose-ratio gearbox. Spread from 1-6 is now 2:1 instead of previous 2.3:1. Throw on a 2-tooth bigger sprocket and hang on if so desired...

boru4761 02-18-2004 08:40 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1 guys are killing me.

Excellent work. Once again all the pics and video one could possibly handle and a well written and entertaining review and all of it out before the rest probably even have their stories submitted to their editors. Yeah, MO is such a waste of my $12.

boru4761 02-18-2004 08:43 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Oh yeah, a new FZ1 cant be far off, right?

longride 02-18-2004 08:46 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
I think the R1 is the best looking of the current bunch of 1000CC Superbikes. The shootouts will be so close in handling, power, and speed that all that's left is what looks the coolest. Since I like what looks the coolest, I just purchased a VMax to add to my stable. I already friggin love it.

ATDoGG11 02-18-2004 09:10 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
the review was enough to hold me over until the comparo, good job, but im left with a quesiton. Overall how does the engine compare power-wise to the other 1000s? You said it was smooth, but can it still be explosively powerful? If you could give insight Sean, Id appriciate it! Thanks!!!

Buzglyd 02-18-2004 09:11 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Did you get the matching "Vboost" armchaps?

Blue_Are1 02-18-2004 09:33 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Hold you over? Don't wait too long or you won't even have a chance to buy one of these new liter bikes, they'll be sold out. Well the R1's will be sold out because they are already delivering them.

longride 02-18-2004 09:48 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
With lots of fringe baby!

sarnali 02-18-2004 09:57 AM

Re: What's the highwayman's take?
I'm wondering if Drab Retsinab is any relation to Ecar Retsinab, my childhood hero from Ynnoj Tseuq?

Your right Sean, The R1 is pure eye candy. An FZ1 is more my style but this is a fine looker fer sur'

Buzglyd 02-18-2004 09:57 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Did you have to put screws in the tires so you can get traction on the ice?

You can leave it here in San Diego and I'll keep it for you in my garage until the spring thaw.

Anti-ChickenStrip 02-18-2004 10:24 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Congrats on the new acquisition. A nice blend between your Harley and ZX-9, Longride.

seruzawa 02-18-2004 10:52 AM

Re: What's the highwayman's take?
I'm not sure about this "whole hog" business, but I can hear the foundations of the Burger Barn trembling right now.

seruzawa 02-18-2004 10:58 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Getoutatown! Havin' Vrods fer breakfast, huh?

Which bike you takin' to Alaska next year?

longride 02-18-2004 11:17 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
Well, if Buz takes the Duck and you have a Suz 1200, I gotta take the ZX9 to beat yer butts, otherwise Buz takes the Geezer and I do too and leave parts and oil all the way there, with you outta site in the distance. I figure the Shovelhead would be cool, but I don't think you and Buz could push me half way to Alaska! LOL

SeanAlexander 02-18-2004 11:22 AM

Re: 2004 Yamaha R1
As the world is my witness, I'm asking nicely to be invited on this Sport Touring trip. Heck I might even expense a dinner or two under the guise of "story research".

Buzglyd 02-18-2004 11:27 AM

The Burger Barn is going to need extra security
Imagine the chaos once the comparos start to get printed.

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