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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha R1

Yep - in CT had the new 'Wing out for it's first jaunt. 39 degrees and loving it LOL
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Default Re: BACON!

Huntington Beach, on Beach Blvd.
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Default Re: Reality check.

Oh shut up.
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Default Having ridden a TT600..

On various demo rides, having ridden a near-top 600 supersport (lets face it, the difference between the second tier triumph and the first tier japanese are pretty close), I did not find the peaky engine much of a liability (so you have to shift a little bit), and not having the "oh dear god" power is a plus in my book.

I hardly ever use all 95 hp from my VFR (once or twice I've done a "0 to OH BLEEP" run on freeway onramps, thats it), I know I could never use the >150hp from the top tier litrebikes. Just knowing that there is the ability to do power-wheelies at freeway speed is NOT conducive to my own rider comfort.

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Default How many times have YOU read this article?

Or watched the videos?

I find myself coming back to this story time and time again. On first review I scanned, watch a couple vids and declared to myself that the CBR1000RR appeals to me more by both site and sound and I went on about my life waiting for the shootout for more fun. Then I actually read the article. Well done Yamaha.

After reading it again, watching and listening to all the videos and checking out more pics then going back to the CBR story I came back to the new R1 and found myself agreeing with the many lustful comments that have been posted about it.

Man this is a sweet bike! I just got through showing my wife the 100 mph wheelie for the third time and had no doubts what she meant when she said, "No." and walked away. I guess I'm back to lusting after the FZ-6 again.

You guys really should limit the number of times a guy can read one of these reviews. It would make my life a lot easier.

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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha R1

Nobody makes anything perfectly the first time. Or, ever, for that matter.

Yeah, I'm just going to rent. I'm not real interested in living in SoCal permanently. I'd hate to have to give up my AK for good.

We'll have to go crash the MO offices some day.

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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha R1 ... Electronic

Yes Quite right. The EFI is very smooth and precise! Good point. Touche!
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Default Re: and another thing...

The 1st gear ratio mentioned in the article gives 97 MPH, hardly low gearing. With Sean aboard (220 lb), the CBR can't quite pull 1 G acceleration at that ratio. For a 150# rider, the CBR will pull 1 G up to 100 MPH in first gear! If all four super-litre-bikes were geared for 100 MPH in first, they'd have practically identical 1 G acceleration. The difference would be their (and the rider's) ability to smoothly apply all that thrust to the ground while the clutch is feathered for launch.
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