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KPaulCook 01-29-2004 09:19 PM

Nice Review
Excellent work, great video, pictures. Love the wheelie shots. By the way V-Strom is a cool concept for a bike. Having grown up in Western Colorado, I could see where this bike could be a lot of fun on dirt and gravel roads. Thanks for the great read.

BobW 01-30-2004 01:51 AM

Re: 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650
Hey, alright!!

slo1 01-30-2004 03:58 AM

Re: 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650
Nice work, I see an FZ/DL/599 shoot out may be in order. Good to see the 600 non supersports stepping up to the plate. Hopefully this will also keep the whiners at bay for afew weeks.

travisyoung 01-30-2004 04:59 AM

Re: 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650
like the functionality, but the styling sure looks generic from here

grubz916 01-30-2004 05:10 AM

Somebody has to ask
How's it compare to an SV650?

oh wait.....nevermind

BTW, nice job. Looks like I'm not gonna get much done at work today. THX

gbrummett 01-30-2004 06:02 AM

4 Articles in one Day!! YES YES YES
I gotta love it 4 new Articles in one Day!!

I take back verything I said.

boru4761 01-30-2004 06:21 AM

Re: 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650
MO is back! 4 articles in a day. I like the little changes to the layout too. I knew you guys had something up your sleeve. Although, I think you are gonna give all the whiners a collective heart attack when they log on today.

vfr101 01-30-2004 06:26 AM

2nd coming of the Honda Transalp?
Sure looks a lot like a Honda Transalp. The Transalp was only sold in the U.S. for a couple of years around 1990 or so and did not sell well. It's now a cult bike in the U.S. Think the V-Strom 650 will sell any better?

gbrummett 01-30-2004 06:32 AM

Great Job Sean
Great job Sean Alexander! A real world motorcycle article written for people that live in the real world that I can really relate to.

Great work, keep it up!

RonXX 01-30-2004 06:54 AM

Bad Link
The videos above the spec box both lead to the slide video. The 'departure' vid is available in the text portion though. Just thought I'd let you know.

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