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Default Re: Yeah, but

Now your talkin'. NOS and stretch it and those same naughty hotties would be hiking up their skirts and asking if they could "ride in front".
Cages are for Hamsters!
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Default Re: Corbin Beetle Bags Install & Review

Yes you wouldn't want to cross Buttock and Moronica.
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Default Re: no kidding

True, but when I took them home just before the bar closed, I didn't think they were bags -- not till the next morning! F'n tequila!
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Default Re: Givi's Were My Choice

I didn't exactly 'drop' the bike. More like an 85+mph tank-slapper with a heavy crash on the left, then the bike flipped onto the other side and continued it's horizontal motion along nice OK concrete with serious abrasive qualities.

The bags saved the bike from damage ($300 in parts is all it needed) and while one of the corners wore thru about the size of my palm, the hinges were good. I simply bought 2 clam-shell tops and was right back in business. My body and safety gear was damaged rather more than the GIVI plastic.
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