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Default Re: M2R MR-1000 Helmet

Or noise canceling headphones (Radioshack - sorry for the plug)
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Default Re: Shoei Shmoei

The OVAL Arai head anyway, not the round Arai head apparently
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I have been trying the flip up helmets for the last 4 or 5 yrs. I have a century, a shoei and an hjc. I am kinda hooked, probably not going back to a regular full face. I had a mishap (of the 8 days in a coma type) while wearing the Century Lazer flip up, and it worked great. Also, they gave me a new one at half price for sending them the old one for inspection. I lost to a left turning cage on a cell phone, multiple flips and impacts, the helmet hit hard enough to show visible damage 4 times, including one on the chin piece. The only part of me not injured was from the shoulders up, so I have to figure the helmet was good enough. It did not open from the impacts, but opened easily when the EMTs(bless them) went to take it off. OK, did not mean to go on this much, but my point is, for me, the convenience of the flip up is worth the few extra bucks, and I feel confident that they will protect me if needed.
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Default Re: Is it designed for Charlie Brown or Linus?

I had an HJC for a time, and damn, it was noisy! Eventually, I dropped my VFR in such a way that I sailed over the handlebars and did a perfect faceplant in the rocks. I cussed a lot, checked my bike for damage (minor, fortunately) and rode it home. I have a Shoei RF 900 now, and it's much quieter, with better hardware, and all that. But the HJC (a cheap one) came through just fine the one time it counted.
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The most important piece of information (for me) was missing from this review. That is, what shape does this helmet run? I have a long oval head, and cannot wear the average helmet. I also cannot try helmets on in stores, because I live on a subtropical island full of people with small round heads, so all the helms here are small and round. I have to order blind, by mail order, which is an expensive crap shoot. I hope that in the future, manufacturers, retailers and reviewers will all start to pay attention to properly communicating whether a particular helmet make or model runs Wide, normal Round, Normal Oval, Medium Oval or Long Oval. Comments from end users which can help confirm shapes would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks to all... Kent

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