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Default Re: M2R MR-1000 Helmet

Yeah I got a new jacket and my 2-year old Arai Quantum doesn't really match it too well so I'll probably be on my third Arai in 7 years this spring. LOL

I think the red/black Carr replica Signet will go perfectly with my red/black Joe Rocket Nicky Hayden jacket. Must be fashionably coordinated!!!!!

I shouldn't have bought that Quantum anyway---it's made for square asian heads. I need the long oval kind.
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Default Re: Shoei Shmoei

"Federal guidelines - not to break at 18 mph when struck by a blunt object and not to be penetrated when struck at 18 mph by a sharp object"

"I don't know about you, but I only go that speed in parking lots - pretty much all public roads I travel are 30mph and above"

That's correct, SNELL and DOT tests only require shell integrity up to 15 or 18 mph. However, you have to remember that any head impact over roughly 12 mph will probably cause death by broken neck. Unless you do a swan dive off a supercross jump, you will not attain those speeds by simply falling off your bike. The speed you attain will be the same as if you fell off at a standstill. The difference is whether you sustain abrasions, which the shell can handle pretty well, and whether or not you hit a curb, hydrant, etc, which your neck will not handle well.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.


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Default Re: M2R MR-1000 Helmet

Agreed, I bought another one. I'm keeping the old one as a trophy/reminder...my point was that the flip front didn't fail and I could get the helmet off.
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Default Re: Shoei Shmoei

That seems to be true. Fortunately my blockhead fits comfortably in much less expensive helmets.

Comfort or no, I'd never ride without a full face helmet.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: M2R MR-1000 Helmet

I hate to say this, but that is exactly what our next shootout is going to be. I say I HATE to say it, because when that shootout isn't posted in the next 48 hours, everybody on this message board will start screaming that I "Promised" a middleweight standard shootout.

The shootout will be posted after we've rounded up all the bikes, spent a week+ testing and another week or two on photos, layout etc... Rumor has it that the 599 and Speed Four will both be present, along with the FZ-6, SV-650 and possibly EX/Ninja 500. It is my goal to have each of those bikes present in the shootout, but availablility will determine the final lineup.

The open class superbike shootout is also a big priority right now, but will be somewhat delayed, due to the fact that all of the key players aren't available for loan to the press yet.

Stay Tuned.... but please be patient, as we are (like all other websites and magazines) at the mercy of the OEMs

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Default Re: Shoei Shmoei

"Fortunately my blockhead fits comfortably in much less expensive helmets"

Why doesn't that suprise me.

"Comfort or no, I'd never ride without a full face helmet" Sometimes you surprise me with intelligence every now an then. Good man.

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Default Re: Shoei Shmoei

I dunno about protection, per se, but I can say with certainty that the Arai I have is much quieter at speed, due primarily, I suspect, to the fact that it seems to be much more streamlined. This is in comparison to the $120 HJC I usually wear around town.

And I have to say, after 8 hours at 90 mph on the freeway, on a windshieldless cruiser, the reduced wind resistance really makes itself felt in terms of reduced neck fatigue.

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Default Re: M2R MR-1000 Helmet

Wooohooo...Christmas come late! MO's gettin' naked in February! (Did I just write that? The bikes had better be the only naked thing...)

'Course, I bought my present (FZ-6) to myself early, so it only buys bench racing. ("My bike's better than your bike!" "Yeah? My bike's FASTER than your bike!! MO says so!") (Okay...so the Yammy not likely to get the fastest award. Second to the Speed Four, maybe.)

No chance to get the new Beemer in there? Yeah, I know it's a really different bike than the others, being a thumper an' all, but the Ninja's not really in the same class, either. You've got a parallel two, V-twin, couple fours, and a three. Why not a one?

And to being clued into the Speed Four...I can't believe I missed that on my list. It was my second choice, and I cross shopped it. Doh!

You promise the shootout...I'll promise not to scream. But it'd better be February...it's cold in February and I like 'em perky.
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Default Re: M2R MR-1000 Helmet

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Default Re: Shoei Shmoei

If that's true, then how come after about 30 years (or more) of helmet legislation and government standards, there still is no ABRASION STANDARDS for helmets??

Also: There are known cases of helmets causing death at low speeds from a phenomenon called "head snap" whereby at *low* speed the rider was impacted, remained fairly upright, but broke their neck without impact from the weight of the helmet. I can think of a certain NASCAR racer doing a similar thing not that long ago (albeit at high speed and in a cage).

When just half a dozen airbags caused broken necks, and infant deaths, the federal government reversed a mandate to have them on every car by the year 2000. They are NOT required in every new car because of just a few people getting seriously injured or even killed during "fender benders" when the airbag deployed and "snapped" their heads in such a manner as to cause broken necks or worse. How come after dozens of known cases of motorcyclists and ATV riders hurting or killing themselves because they wore a helmet are we still mandated to wear them?

Mind you, I wear my full face EVERY TIME I RIDE, but I also believe in freedom. We release known murderers, rapists, and child molestors to protect their freedoms. We reverse federal safety laws to protect a tiny portion of car accident victims. I just want that same right. I don't want my government to treat me like some crazed outlaw idiot who can't make rational decisions. I will always choose to wear a helmet. GIVE ME CHOICE.
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