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Lowrez 01-03-2001 04:35 PM

Size 50 = Little boy? My 6'3" father-in-law hasn't been called little in years. I'm sure he'll get a chuckle out of that.

For those of us in the diminutive range of 5'9", the medium should fit nicely. Large if I pack on another 40lbs worth of the wife's cooking like I did when we first got married.

minime 01-04-2001 06:19 AM

Re: Cortech
We reviewed the Cortech Jacket and Pants right over here about a week ago. It was also linked off of the bottom of the review.

SeanAlexander 01-04-2001 09:24 AM

Pricing vs. Quality
Back in 1987, I bought an 86 GSXR-750 and searched the shops for boots, and gloves to match the Black, Red and White paint scheme. I found a (looked nice at the time) pair of AGV Prexport Boots for about $100 and tried on 13 or 14 different gloves (one at a time of course) The gloves ranged from $29.95 Motoports, to $120 . Cash was tight so I got the cheap AGV boots, but after back to back comparisons with the other gloves on the market, I splurged and got the $120 . As it turns out, the AGV Boots were overpriced at $100 (total junk) and the Gloves were worth at least double what I paid. I used those gloves for several years, but eventually moved on to various other makes of glove. Invariably, about a week after buying some other manufacturers gloves, I would start to fondly remember those old . I suppose I didn't have the intelligence to search out a pair or order them direct, so they remained a pleasant memory. Last fall I was at Willow Springs and had a booth set up..... Bingo! instant heaven... I bought a pair of thier new $250 GP Hyper Gloves. The Hypers are a lot like thier GPR II glove (see the link at the bottom of the Jacket article) with the addition of an outer 1/2 glove that contains heavy padding. The reason for putting the heavy padding on the outer glove is because they don't restrict movement as much, as if they were sewn directly into the glove on your hand. These gloves have that same hard to describe " Feel" as the ones I had 15 years ago, but offer all of the latest safety features. Though I would have paid much more for these gloves, the rep even knocked off $50. In my humble opinion, these are the finest gloves in the world. If you haven't tried on a pair of properly fitting , do yourself a favor and find some. I know that I will not stray again.... from now on I'm going to stick to . You DO get what you pay for.

SeanAlexander 01-04-2001 09:29 AM

Re: Pricing vs. Quality
I just wrote the Price vs Quality item above, and the word is edited out. Since I'm sure it will be edited out of this reply too... the word is the name of the manufacturer that this thread is about.

bilbo 01-05-2001 09:12 AM

Re: If you read more doesn
> I don't think any sanctioning body allows other than leather suits for road racing.

Actually, Motoport's Kevlar suits are approved for racing by AMA and WERA at least. See Motoport claims theirs is the only non-leather suit that has such approval.

EnZed 01-11-2001 08:40 AM

Re: Kushitani KS-2000
It looks like a pretty good jacket.

I've considered several times replacing my old leathers for the synthetic equivalent, as the leathers are neither particularly waterproof nor very warm in winter, and tend to cook me in summer. However, the two things that put me off are that most of the reasonably good quality gear available in NZ is quite pricey, and the jackets all seem to be designed for the Michelin Man. I don't really want to wear a parachute on my back, so why don't they make the jackets slimmer fitting ? Surely it would be easier to manufacture several different fits for each chest size, than to add extra cinches on the arms etc. to stop them billowing in the wind??

apleschu 07-01-2001 07:21 PM

Re: Kushitani KS-2000
True, in cool, cold and wet weather this jacket is well worth its price. (I wear it daily)

BUT buyer beware in warm(er) weather above 75-80 degrees it get's a bit to the warmer side, and above 80 it's at least for me almost unbearable warm.


'01 K12LT champ

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