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kawazuki 12-23-2003 10:41 AM

Re: What a crock.
Yep, you got it. I'm just blind to the fact that I feel like an idiot for buying the better motorcycle. Boy, if only I had your insight.

Of course you hit a raw nerve. Listening to the Anointed bleat their chorus over and over again would grate the myelin off anyone.

"Japanese bikes are ba-a-a-ad! Only Ha-a-a-arley's are rea-a-a-al!"


bigjames 12-23-2003 10:51 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
There is one intangible that all must accept, the almighty resale value. I just happen to have a 1998 HD Electra Glide Sport (the Road Kings cheaper ancestor. Can be seen here hauling 2 kids in the sidecar It has 178.000 miles on it. I have been offered what I paid for it in 1987 more than once in the last few years! Have even seen one identical (but in a lot better shape - lot fewer miles) go for $5,000 over the price new....price new was $8,500.....think I'll keep her a while longer, ain't got all the good out of her yet....

Mighty, mighty fine review of the bikes though....still like the Harley better than the Yamaha.


2003 HD E-Glide Classic (yeah, I bought another one after 15 years, what can I say)

2000 BMW K1200LT (see, I ride other bikes too)

1988 HD E-Glide Sport/Watsonian Sidecar

1951 HD Servicar

KPaulCook 12-23-2003 10:51 AM

Don't get your panties in a twist. Screwball comparisons is all part of having fun.
Like Firebolt vs. CBR600RR. VRod vs. VMax. vs SV650 vs Concours Its all bout having fun expressing ones opinions. Note we are not critics of the review.

bigjames 12-23-2003 10:54 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
One more thing, the Old Eglide I talked about about above is slated to be ridden to Alaska (again) in 2006 to turn 200K up there (it turned 100K up there, it only seems fair), so, apparently, these suckers last a good long time. And no, the engine has never been rebuilt, just two top end jobs (and only one of them, involved vavle replacement) and some general maintenance.

Who feels brave enough to join a bike with that many miles on the trip? You got 2.5 years to decide.....

BigJames, again....

Leopold 12-23-2003 10:56 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
One question though:Where were the Goldwing?No classic tourer comparring test should be without that surely?

KPaulCook 12-23-2003 10:57 AM

Re: Riled ya up
Now that is funny. I think I got your "Irish" up with my Defending the Wing post. I was just coming to defend Winger who was getting piled on by the Three stooges, longride, buzglyd, seruzawa. It was all in fun. I wasn't trying to take away anything from your fine review.

Buzglyd 12-23-2003 11:18 AM

Re: Why not a Civic?
My Electraglide.

It also has an aux plug in on the radio so I can hook up my MP3 player also.

mscuddy 12-23-2003 11:21 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Test
Excellent shootout. Way to go. Must have been fun, making all those sparks, and grinding noises.

ebass 12-23-2003 11:24 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo

...and the SV 650, and the Concourse...

(insert bullet, spin chamber, place barrel in mouth, pull trigger, achieve freedom from imbeciles who think that a Goldwing is an aircooled twin... BLAM!)

Buzglyd 12-23-2003 11:26 AM

Re: Defending the U.S. made Wing vs the Harley
It is important to note the guy who has never ridden any of these bikes let alone a Gold Wing is offering up his "expert" opinions.

Furthermore, as one who moderates his own posts upward, he tries to besmirch longride and me as abusers of the moderating system.

Now come one Sean, come clean on our stoplight dragrace with the all-conquering geezer-glide!

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