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dnlwthrn 12-28-2003 08:20 AM

Re: What a crock.
Hey, quit knocking my bike!! Those "barely running GPz's" are great (when they're running!)

I think more and more people need to realize that motorcycles are for riding, not creating an "image."

Dan - wishing I could be riding...

SRMark 12-29-2003 05:12 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
I tend to like most bikes. Although I'm not that fond of cruisers in general, some are interesting to ride and some are quite easy to look at. But I gotta agree with you on the looks of the BMW. How in hell does a thing like that make it out of committee? At least you wouldn't feel too bad if you dropped it. How could you make it look worse?

wa5mm 12-29-2003 06:20 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
Excellent article! Gimme more!

bigjames 12-29-2003 07:35 AM

If you think wash day is bad....
Thanks, did and will! you too have a good New Year!

Wash day is bad, but service weekend sucks! ALL 3 Harley's take about 15 minutes each. oil. filters, plugs. Check primary chain while changing primary oil (and rear chain on the ancient one) and go. The Beemer, step one, remove about 100 little 3mm allen head screws to take the fairing off, then oil, filters and plugs then another hour or so finding all those damn screws and putting then fairing back on!

The turntable sounds like a good idea. The sidecar has to go towards the front of the garage sidways so they all fit! The servicar is in the back (it has reverse), sideways and the 2 two wheelers are angled in!


bigjames 12-29-2003 07:44 AM

About the big beemer....
Well, she is about to turn 85K and have not had a single problem! Rode her to work this morning as a matter of fact! Servicing is kinda pricey, but see the post below that kinda explains why. It is the 7th BMW I've had and by far the best of the group (with the exception of the 2 airheads I owned way back when). Started riding BMW's when HD ticked me off with that lack of availability problem they used to have. That explains the almost 15 year gap in the Harleys.

If you like big ponderous bikes that can embarass Gold Wings and SOME sport bikes (ok, some sport bike riders anyway) in the twisties, any of the 3 big K's (LT, GT and RS) are worth looking into. Yep, they are pricey and DO NOT hold their resale value, but most folks keep good Beemers way too long anyway....and you can generally always talk a dealer into taking one in as a trade. Try that with ANY oher brand!


captainwhoopass 12-29-2003 10:04 AM

Re: What a crock.
Ah, I see, so people with less money aren't as good as those who can afford Harleys. Good logic. How's the mileage on your Lamborghini?

SilverBullet 12-29-2003 05:46 PM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
Great article! Thanks.

anrajala 01-02-2004 05:05 AM

Re: Classic Tourers Comparo
If you buy a new fat boy, you will never get your money back. Depending on the inflation, you may get even higher nominal sum (in some countries triple in ten years) but that does not prove anything. The time-value-of-money principle dictates that dollar today is worth more than dollar in some future years.

Not to mention zloty of today.

- cruiz-euro

TatdNPrcd 01-02-2004 08:51 AM

damn! I wish I would have seen this challenge earlier
Let me know when you guys do this cuz I'll be there! How long do we have to finish? Ten days? Two weeks? Maybe my wife will let me ride her Road Glide. With 92ci, FI, 50 mpg, cruise control for the interstate and a kickin' stereo, Man I'm ready to go now just let me add the heated grips to it and I'm there.


Let me see:

full service $126,

new tires mounted and balanced $250,

two weeks covering around 6,000 miles PRICELESS!

wrecks 01-03-2004 05:09 PM

Re: increasing your displacement
04 super hawk (in canada anyhow) comes all black with gold rims. Looks pretty sexy. Cheap too.

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