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We don't know. You tell us.
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Default Re: ...gimme half...

Didn't you know bragging about 1/4 mile times at the Burger Barn is far more important than actually riding a motorcycle?
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Default Re: ...gimme half...

Due to tiered licensing restrictions many Japanese riders aren't allowed anything over 400cc, so the manuf.'s make awesome mini-CBRs, GSXRs and the like. Every so often, the Japanese listen to folks like you and bring to the US one of these excellent 400 cc bikes, like the CB-4 and the YZF-400. 300 pounds, 50-60 hp.

And then nobody in America buys them, because 750s are for girls and you aren't a MAN if you have anything less than 1000cc's. So the manuf.'s don't do that again for quite a while.

Not that I disagree with you. A clever fellow might fly to Japan, buy a tricked-out 2 year old CBR400RR with next to no miles on it for like $2000 because there's no market there for used bikes, pull the front end and plastic off it and ship it to the US in two boxes listed as "parts" and not "vehicle" and have a killer track bike that will spank the guys scared by their own 600s. Not that I've ever done that. Too bad it can't legally be registered as a street bike.
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Default Great Review, looks like a great year ahead!

I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for doing yeoman’s work getting the poop to us ASAP. I’m normally blasé about the latest open-class shootout, but not this year. It’s shaping up to be an incredible year for these machines, and we need a full-up group test just as soon as you can get the bikes and do it. I personally think you should do a 7-bike shootout, with the ZX-10, CBR1000RR, GSXR-1000, R1, RSV1000R, 999, and 955i. Normally the twins are segregated and the triple ignored, but I for one (and I think others as well) would like to see how they stand up against each other in a test format covering the gamut of riding venues (track, canyon roads, commuting, short trips, etc.). I realize you’re short on help, and I hereby volunteer my assistance. After all, you need the pushing 50/fat guy perspective on these things. We’re the only ones who can ensure them anyway.


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Default Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R Track Test

Hey MO,

I noticed that the blue and black test bikes have the traditional style turn signals out front but the green one has some trick looking flush-mount deallies. Are those factory option?
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Default Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R Track Test

The lack of graphics is most appreciated. Light weight and mega-power don't hurt. Much more visually interesting than the Gas-x.
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Default Re: ...gimme half...

But some people do manage to get them registered, and legally i might add. There's an outfit in Cali that I've seen on the web that does just that, but they charge a very hefty premium ($8k for a nsr250!!!). I've seen a few rvf400's (the rc45's little brother, circa 98, me thinks) for sale here and there and all were in the price range of a nice 2 yr old 600. But I guess there's some market for them.

I used to own a nsr250 when I lived in europe. Man that thing was great!! Now the closest that I come to a stroker is my leaf blower. Memories....
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Default Bike Show

So, what did Triumph have at the show?
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Default Exposing a Fraud.

Let's examine the KPaul duplicity:

Quote from a recent thread:

"Because of the Bush fiscal irresponsibility plan. I can't afford a new motorcycle nor will my daughters in the future and her sons and daughters. We will be left without motorcycles because of George W. Bush."

This guy is supposedly an "engineer" and he can't afford a new motorcycle. I'm just a stupid programmer and I have 3 motorcycles and will be adding a 4th real soon. I also have 2 kids in college that I pay for, and somehow, I can afford what he can't. Amazing a dummy like me can realize a measure of success a genius like him cannot. I guess McDonald's doesn't pay like they used to for burger engineers. Pretty funny stuff, and it's gets funnier!

Here's his next statement from below:

"Hint, I am not a mechanical or structural engineer. Us EEs used to take mechanical and civil engineering courses for easy As.. Any time you guys what to talk about electronics, computers, software let me know."

Hmmmmm. Maybe if he could REALLY talk electronics, computers, or software he could afford a new motorcycle! LOL Looks like too many "easy A's" translated into a poor paying job. Maybe if he was a REAL engineer, networking specialist, or software developer instead of some low budget flunkie, he could actually have some form of success in life. This character is a fraud, plain and simple. This guy is easy to expose, and talks himself into a corner again. I love people that talk about how successful they are, and then say they can't even afford something as simple as a motorcycle. From his poor spelling, grammar, and twisted logic, I bet he's barely a high school grad.
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Default Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R Track Test

How about a ZX-12R? Bigger bike, Bigger motor.
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