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Buzglyd 12-10-2003 08:22 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
The local dealer didn't have a trailer because from what I hear, Hondas never break down.

julian 12-10-2003 08:25 AM

Re: Jumper Cables
Rider Wearhouse has 'em

SRMark 12-10-2003 08:33 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
When Burns left, did he take the key? Can't anyone get in the office now to write a bike test?

Holy_Kaw 12-10-2003 09:19 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
Perhaps you failed to notice the part about the major 5 bike shootout that they are currently working on? My understanding is that these things don't just jump onto the site, they actually require a significant amount of time and effort.

(sorry about the sarcasm)

seruzawa 12-10-2003 09:40 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
Whoops. That's one thing I'll never go back to on a road bike.... tubes. The stylin' ain't worth the cryin'.

Can't change a tube without a centerstand anyhoo.

ValknMag 12-10-2003 10:20 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
Oddly, as I found out when I pulled over to help a guy who's Road King snapped its drive belt, neither local Harley dealer has towing equipment, either.

Buzglyd 12-10-2003 10:31 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
That's because most Harley guys buy two bikes;one to ride and one for spare parts.

rsheidler 12-10-2003 11:15 AM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
There are wire wheels that allow tubeless tires -- my '93 R80R (the Euro 800cc version of the last of the old-style air-head boxers) had them as do some Moto Guzzis. Also, the Motorcyclist "Harley" they built for the HD 100 yr celebrations used a different system that also allows tubless tires.

I can't believe that those manufacturers who still use wire wheels don't all go with one of those systems.

Buzglyd 12-10-2003 11:31 AM

It's alive!
Welcome back Bob.

nomad76 12-10-2003 01:22 PM

Re: A Classic Victory Road Story
Regardless, I pay $10/year for Cycle World, and I get a whole lot more coverage than the 2 new things a month I get from MO lately ...

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