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baked 09-20-2001 10:03 AM

Re: BMW vs. Honda Reader Feedback
The Harley simply defies all logic due to it's built-in lifestyle... whether you actually live the lifestyle or pretend to after coming home from the office.

The rest of us, for whom the "lifestyle" is undesirable, there's no justification for buying one of their bikes. It's just a loud, heavy, and slow bike.

Arbitrage 12-01-2001 05:46 PM

Re: Unfortunately not wrong about the Rusty Acuras
What year Acura and where do you live? i.e. VT, NY, ME, etc.? I have not seen newer Acura's rust like the older one and the older Honda's did...

wstephens1 01-13-2002 03:40 PM

Re: BMW vs. Honda Reader Feedback
I believe they target different riders. These are two different bikes offering similar performance. Now virtually costing the same.

tallcharlie 04-04-2002 10:48 AM

Re: BMW vs. Honda Reader Feedback
Well, I own neither a K1200LT nor a Gold Wing, but I've ridden them both, and prefer the Gold Wing. However, I've had some experience I'd like to share.

I do have both a '98 K1200RS and a '97 CBR1100XX Blackbird. I can tell you from experience that the BMW is overpriced, overrated, and suffering from the same sickness H-D had until the V-Rod: complacency.

Here are some comparisons:

Mileage: BMW - 32000, Honda - 28000

Major Repairs: BMW over $3500, Honda - None

Air Filter installed: BMW - $80, Honda - $35

New Clutch installed: BMW - $1000, Honda - $230 (written estimate as Honda clutch is still okay)

Brake lever installed: BMW - $80 + $50 labor, Honda - $22 (labor was free)

Cost of OEM Tank Bag: BMW - $400, Honda - $125

Cost of Right Fairing (after dropping both bikes on gravel driveway): BMW - $1100, Honda - $355

Oil usage between changes: BMW - 1.5 qts, Honda none

Coolant usage annually: BMW - 1 to 2 pints, Honda none

Although the BMW performs well, its engine weighs nearly as much as the entire CBR1100XX(!), so BMW performance is decidedly inferior to the Honda in all categories.

As you can see from the examples, service and parts for the BMW are ridiculously complicated and expensive. Add to that some of the BMN qwirks: BMW telelever front suspension destroys a D207 in less than 4000 miles; a Metzler MEZ4B gets all of 5000! The Honda has 6000 on its present front tire, and it is less than half worn.

BMW has a great reputation, but unfortunately doesn't live up to it. They are certainly not high value for the dollar.

sean_hunter 04-05-2002 01:16 AM

Re: BMW vs. Honda Reader Feedback
So you're just talking bollocks, in other words?

loftydog 04-05-2002 10:11 AM

Maybe you got a lemon?
Having owned both hondas and beemers, I can say that I was more impressed with the BMW. That said, I owned an R bike, known more for their reliability that the K series, and more popular in terms of sales. Of all the bikes that I have owned, including a Triumph, Suzuki, Buell (shudder), HD along with the other two, I miss my R1100S the most. It was the most versatile, comfortable and reliable bike that I have ever owned.

I had no problems chewing through tires, clutches or oil. I didn't baby the bike, as I used to ride the canyons of Nothern CA with a bunch of buddies on R1s, blades and GSXRs, having no trouble keeping up with them in the twisties and being much more comfortable doing it. Yes, BMW luggage is expensive, but I managed to get the dealer to throw it in for free (tank and saddle). It is still the best luggage I have come across, hands down. It made the bike great for long trips without beating me up along the way, allowing me to have fun once I got there.</p>

Yes, some parts are pricier for the BMW than the Honda, but that is the same for cars as well. No one said that the BMW was the most practical of all bikes, but it is one of the only brands with a 100k club. There is a reason for that</p>

lodutch 04-20-2002 06:11 PM

Re: I
Great honest review. Just curious, what is your frame size? I'm a 6'1" 230 lber, long in the legs, with a wife / pillion partner for 20-30% of the time. Any changes in your recommendation if you were in this category?

SPasse 05-21-2002 01:01 PM

Re: BMW vs. Honda Reader Feedback
Hi All,

A little background, bikes I have owned.

1982 GS-650E

1983 750 Saber

1984 750 Interceptor

198? CX500 Turbo

1985 1100 Saber

198? PC-800 Pacific Coast

1994 (2) GL-1500 SE Goldwings

199? (2) VFR-800 Interceptors

1999 K1200 LTc

I did enjoy my GL-1500s for what they were. I had the best trip of my touring "career" to date, a HWY 1/101 trip from Seattle to San Diego on one.

But I always felt the need to have a sports bike (typically a VFR-800) in my stable because of the GL-1500Â’s handling limitations.

So in 1999, I bought a BMW K1200 LTc and sold my VFR-800. The BMW was a fantastic bike and was even fun in the Colorado cannon twisties. The only real gripe I had with my K1200 was itÂ’s low speed handling and the obscene service costs.

I just purchased a 2002 GL-1800 and so far I am very pleased. I am 6Â’ 8" tall with a 38" inseam, and the seating/led room is fine. The engine is wonderful and I look forward to not having to watch/add oil etc., also. The mileage that I got with my BMW was very nice, when I was touring with my riding buddies, I would typically only gas at every other gas stop.

Having owned and ridden a K1200LTc and now my new GL-1800, I can say that you will not go wrong on either one of these bikes, they are both fantastic.



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