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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha V-Max

I enjoy the irony of this bike and these threads. The V-Max was pushed by Yamaha's American devision, and was inspired by the American muscle car / hot-rod. The fake air intakes are styled after a blown v-8s fuel injector. It is not a cruiser, and it is not a standard. It's a V-Max.

Watching people try to stuff it catagory because it has a V type motor or an upright riding position etc. is goofy. It's like my teen-age nephew calling me a "prep" because I was wearing my baseball cap tilted back on my head. I'm alot of things, but Prep doesn't come close.

If you need to classify the bike try "American Inspired Hot Rod". If Yamaha wants to be true to the V-Max spirit, they need to see where Hot Rods are at today.
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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha V-Max

I have owned numerous bikes over the years, including a VMAX, Hyabusa, ZRX1200r, Valkyrie, HD, SV650 and SV1000(currently). All have been new and modded slowly, and of all these bikes, the one that always makes me wish I had one again is the Vmax. I will say that although thre busa and ZRX are fast, a VMAX in the right person's hands will smoke them like they are standing still, atleast for the most part of a 1/4 mile, eventually the busa and ZRX wil pass them in the last 1/8. The MAX is heavy, but and yes maybe only 115hp or so, but it has one thing all these other sportbikes don't...the right gearing for humiliating anything rolling in town. The bike is just plain easy to launch and it's predictable, unlike many of these 300lb tupperware torpedoes on the market today.

I say Beef up the frame, put last years R1 brakes, and forks on it, some decent gas shocks, give it EFI while retaining the Vboost manifold system, and give it some more displacement....say 1500-2000ccs total so it is in the ball game with the rest of the market. Then if they really wanna make someone happy remove that damn swingarm/shaft drive, so some decent radials can be mounted.

The bike's biggest problem is traction.

PS anyone who thinks a Vmax can't hang in the turns, hasn't ridden many cruisers/standards. Yes many "sportbikes" handle better, but in comparison fairly it'll smoke a HD sportster thru the turns, and numerous other bikes on the market today..Including that stupid excuse for a bike the Warrior...Lame, it couldn't handle it's way out of it's own way. The MAX has looks and power..the warrior is pure cosmetic crap. I know guy's with valkyries (beasts) that'll eat warriors for breakfast. Hell Honda's Rune smokes the Warrior and it's the size of a chrysler. Don't slam the Max unless you know what your talkin about..another thing, someone already mentioned, the max is a bare canvas, and although 115horse seems small, it quickly can become 200+ normally aspirated and 250 and beyond with other crazy methods...
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Does anyone work at this magazine? It's been two frigging weeks since we have had a new article! What am I paying for, two articles a month? I admire the V-Max as much as anyone else, but itÂ’s way past time for something new.

Help me out guys, everyone please send an e-mail to the editor to get them off their rears and give us some new articles!!!!


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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha V-Max

I agree with you that Yamaha should update the V-max. 2 years age, when I was in the market for a new bike I looked at the V-max, FZ1, Bandit and Kawasaki ZRX. Since I can only justify one bike to suit all my biking needs; track days, sport touring and everyday riding, for these reasons I chose the ZRX and the ZRX was 3,000 cheaper. But the V-max is the original and with a few of the updates that you listed it would be one of the best all around standard bikes for the next 20 years.
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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha V-Max

I remember when the Mad Max first came out in the ads picturing it on a runway, claiming how it would outrun an F16 on takeoff. Man, I wanted one BAD. To all you folks trying to classify it or, even worse, suggesting it be modified to fit as a cruiser or standard: STFU! This bike is not a cruiser nor is it a standard. It's a freakin' MUSCLEbike and it's currently alone in this class. Bikes like the Warrior, etc., are still cruisers, just with more ponies. I agree with those who think Yamaha needs to update it while keeping its musclebike soul. Ground-up new frame design, beef up the V4 with larger displacement, FI and the like and dip into the parts bin for brakes, forks, etc. Most importantly, keep that downright sinister, evil, bare metal, don't F--- with me, there-is-no-hint-of-gayness, mean, kick-ass, the-Duc-Monster-wishes-it-were-me look that still captures so many imaginations after 20 years. C'mon Yamaha! You know you want to!!!
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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha V-Max

>>How popular would the Mustang be if we did not change it from 20 years ago..???<<

Aside from the limited number of Cobras and the like, most current Mustangs are slightly restyled versions of those from 20 years ago -- still on that old Fairmont platform. Ok, they have tweaked with fuel injection and electronics, but basically the same old car.
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Default Re: 2004 Yamaha V-Max

$11000 msrp for a twenty year-old bike? Gimme EFI and a lighter bike, keep the looks and we're talkin'. It's a timeless piece, but to ask the same $$$s as bikes with more tech and less fat for "a classic" puts them in the same realm as Harley. What's next, the V-Max look/apparel/lifestyle? Ick.
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