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Default Re: Living with the VFR

Beat me to it....I know this is the ultimate Mo joke, but I have a Naked SV, and am looking at a VFR or a Connie purchase. ( I swear on a stack...well...I swear anyway ) I'm gonna keep the SV, ( it's a good as all the tired jokes ) but want a bike for longer rides. This article was very well written, and down to earth. The Connie is the killer deal, but the hand-numbing buzz I read about is making me nervous. ( get what you pay for? ) A used VFR seems like a great route to go; just try and find one with low miles. Thanks for the great info.
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Default Re: excellent review

If you want a quality bike mag subscribe to cycle Canada. It is the best.
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Default Re: Living with the VFR

"...I tend to use only the front brake anyway, and the extra force that comes from the rear is a bonus to me. "

Why? You lose a third (I think) of your stopping power that way.

Good read, though. I want one *drool*

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Default Re: Living with the VFR

What a damning indictment of Honda as a menace to society. When it comes to putting the wrong tool in the hands of novices, LBS comes a distant second to E-Z Financing.

BTW: There are DIYs on standardizing the VFR brakes.
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Default Re: Living with the VFR

A "review" written by someone who bought the motorcycle is always going to be biased. It upsets the natural balance of the universe when the writer has a financial attachment/investment and emotional connection to the machine in question. Even in the context of "Livin' with", it is still tainted by the lack of objectivity.

This line jumped out at me...

"consensus vote of the motorcycle editors on the planet, it's the best all around street bike made"

... as I didn't realize that Mitch Boehm represented a consensus.

The writer even goes so far as to make comparisons with the 916 -- heresy. A buyer has a tendency to elevate the value of the purchase. Of course, these comparisons are always made against a much more expensive machine. It's a pretty standard condition, ask any SV, Concours, or Boss Hoss owner.

"In my opinion, and in the minds of quite a few others, the VFR is the best all-around street bike on the planet."

Although presented with the "Livin' with it wrapper", Francis' nicely written article is a heavily biased "review". His conclusion really drives that point home.
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Default Electraglider

Cheap engineering? Man you are lost!

Maybe you should join the outlaws, they are on the same intellectual level as you.
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Default Bias

I understand your response, but I am pretty familiar with Ducs, having owned two and having also been the manager of Ducati Atlanta. I put about 300 miles one day on an ST4, and the motor on that bike (916) felt very close to the VFR motor. But, as they say, that's just my opinion. By the way, the other magazines that have rated the VFR as the top streetbike include Bike, Cycle World, Road Bike, and Rider. I didn't even know that MB had rated it that highly. Even with that said, no one bike is everybody's "best streetbike," since so many factors go into that decision.

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Default A good read!

Thanks for the nice article. I'm sure the writer is somewhat biased, and I realize it isn't a comparision article, Thats fine, we know all that up front. It's just nice to read about what an owner that puts some miles on likes and doesn't like about a bike, and changes that they would do again.
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Default Re: Living with the VFR

Having had a '99 VFR800 for three years, I think this review is spot-on. My bike was dead reliable, looked as good as new after 45,000 km, and I never got tired of that awesome V-4 character.

As someone else mentioned, the bike really benefits from an aftermarket pipe. My Erion full system brought the rear wheel HP up to just about 110, giving it enough boost to power-wheelie off the throttle at 3500rpms and greatly improving the already decent throttle response. The weight loss also made the bike feel considerably less "porky" at low speeds. In addition I added Race-Tech Gold Valves and rebound valves in the forks, and an Ohlins in the back. After that the bike rode and handled about as good as any late model high-end sports bike that I've tried.

Like the review mentioned, a GIVI box works great on the bike, and so do RKA soft panniers. I've had the bike up to an indicated 150mph with all the touring gear on and the bike was still rock solid.

Unfortunately, my bum knees led me to sell the bike last year, but I recommend it to anyone who wants a sport-tourer that is equally home touring two-up or mixing it up with hardcore sport bikes.
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Default Re: Living with the VFR

Good articlce and as a VFR owner for 3 years I agree with much of what you say. However, some of the proposed changes are a bit 'interesting'.

For me, I think it could do with a weight loss, but it has never been a problem. Neither really is the heat thing. I live in the UK so it isn't always that hot here anyway! The seat isn't the best so I plan to get mine re-upholstered over the winter. Yes you can easily do 500 mile days (and in some of the worst weather conditions - as I did this year on the way to the Brands Hatch round of World Superbikes), but it is a relief when you stop!

The CBS brakes debate is nonsense. If you haven't lived with CBS then you really don't know what you are talking about. I wasn't too sure about them when I got the VFR (I had a CBR600 before) but you soon adapt and get used to them. Better that that, you'll really like them. The moaning about the set up normally comes from overly macho journos that spend two or three days with the bike. For the normal biker on a mix of roads the set up is great.

If anyone is looking for more good info on the VFR then visit www.hondavfrclub.co.uk


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