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electraglider_1997 10-21-2003 05:13 AM

Re: Thinhide
They actually pay you to insult your paid subscribers? Good business technique. Chances are you learned that in whatever high school you dropped out of. I'm sure the real reason that Burns left is because of the lowlifes that were being hired. By the way there pin brain, engineers are the ones that make motorcycle manufacturing possible, not no-talent hacks like yourself. As for not needing any schooling to know when someone should shut up, that's a real hoot. By that reasoning you must have a PHD in ignorance. They must have hired you straight out of elementary school for the special educated. I don't know KPaul form Adam but I do know how uneducated fools like yourself try to hide their shame by puffing up like a blowfish when confronted by those that took the time to get an education. Don't get discouraged though, there's still time to get your GED.

KPaulCook 10-21-2003 05:50 AM

Re: Come Clean MO! Stacking the deck for Buell
You can't handle the truth Buellster! Hey if you want to compete with big boys you better put up or shut up.

KPaulCook 10-21-2003 05:54 AM

What a liar you are Mike L. Buelsters can't handle the truth
Other negative things said in the article.

"I did become a little wary when our XB sprung a slow leak at its oil cooler fitting, and it got a little worse when I saw another XB12R with a similar oil leak. I brushed that off as a supplier problem and rationalized that it probably wasnÂ’t endemic to all the XBs.

Other bad news

I got a little more worried when I loaded the Firebolt into the MCUSA van to return it and noticed a cast aluminum part at the front of the engine had a crack running two-thirds of the way through! Buell calls this part the "front isolator

"A riderÂ’s vision can literally blur while waiting at a traffic light, and the trembling engine moves around so much that onlookers occasionally are frightened the big lump might jump out of the bike"

"The engine occasionally coughs through the intake when cracking the throttle off-idle, especially when hot, and this hiccup once caused the bike to stall when trying to get underway from a stop light."

"I cursed inside my helmet about the dearth of top-end power when wringing it out, and the clunky, Massey Fergusson gearbox was annoying as I snapped off upshifts and downshifts like I was riding a 600. "

Trolling the Firebolt around town revealed a few other idiosyncrasies. That *****inÂ’ looking side-exit exhaust outlet from the underslung muffler dumps hot exhaust at a riderÂ’s left foot at a stop or when leaving a light, eventually making boots and pants smell like burned fuel.

While the fan may aid long-term durability, it is also an irritation as it whines like a trust-funder forced to work at Starbucks. Not only does the fan activate when riding slow, it also comes on as soon as the ignition is shut off, sounding like a warning system alarm or a small jet engine.

The unfinished (non-glossy) inner fairing panels look a bit "

TatdNPrcd 10-21-2003 05:58 AM

When did you start getting paid, longride???
Must have missed that along the way. I thought you were just a contributing subscriber just like all of us can be.

TatdNPrcd 10-21-2003 06:16 AM

Re: Moderators on here are idiots
Wanna know why it was moderated down, RonXX? Come on, Ron, ask.

TatdNPrcd 10-21-2003 06:21 AM

Glad to have you back e-glider!

KPaulCook 10-21-2003 06:30 AM

Compared with Suzuki GSXR-1000
However, if you rate an engine wrt peak HP per valve, Not relevant to performance

If you rate engines wrt max torque (low RPM HP), the Suzuki wins again.

If you rate engines wrt emissions, Suzuki wins again.

If you rate engines wrt efficiency combined with power, Suzuki wins again.

If you rate engines wrt ease of maintenance, Buell wins.

If you rate engines wrt simplicity, Buell wins again.

If you rate frame suplicity Suzuki wins

If you rate price/performance Suzuki wins.

If you rate HP/Displacement Suzuiki wins

Get the point Buell is overpriced juk.

longride 10-21-2003 08:41 AM

Re: When did you start getting paid, longride???
No paycheck here. Whoever said that must have a one of those "engineering" degrees.

Buzglyd 10-21-2003 08:48 AM

Re: When did you start getting paid, longride???
Or read about it in one of Al Franken's books!

longride 10-21-2003 08:54 AM

Re: Thinhide
You mean some day I can be as smart as you if I go to school and be an engineer like you and KPaul? I'll pass. I don't get paid for anything here. Was never hired at all. Funny how you ASSSSSUMED again, eh? How can you be sure of anything that Burns did, or why? Oh that's right. You're talking out your ass again! Your sphincter must be sore from flapping all the time. I like how people that are getting their ass kicked whip out their edjumication! Kills me every time, and is a sure sign of insecurity. I know what I am, but you aren't sure of what you are. Obviously, you think you are losing badly, so damn I got a degree and a Patent! I must be correct! LOL God, this IS funny. A low life like me making you look like a A$$hole all over again, but believe me it isn't hard. Go make me a motorcycle, will ya. Better yet, tell me what Burns thinks again and how I get hired here. LOL Another guy that somehow confused education with intelligence. If you proved anything, it's that even a moron like you could get a degree. Living proof that our educational system is in the toilet. This is too easy. Come back again for another beating.

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