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Buzglyd 09-20-2003 01:55 PM

Re: 2003 Naked 1000 Shootout
I'd be afraid it would foul the paint.

Buzglyd 09-20-2003 01:56 PM

Re: 2003 Naked 1000 Shootout
I'm an evil right winger who doesn't own a gun.

What the hell is Hydroschock? Sounds like a new club drink like "Pimp Juice."


zx-6r_maniac 09-20-2003 03:37 PM

shootout with just 2 bikes is pretty lame
im not saying "bring out the connie" for god's sakes...but compare em to other bikes. naked bikes that is. anyway...i think the suzook gets the nod on yet another category. better price, usable torque, and it doesnt look like a transformer (big plus).

Buzglyd 09-20-2003 04:28 PM

Re: Beat me to it dammit!
That would be evildoer

shinnix 09-20-2003 05:38 PM

Re: 2003 Naked 1000 Shootout
Yes, it's a frame cover designed to look like an aluminum spar, but no it's not plastic. It's aluminum, and polishes right up. A necessary evil, considering the steel tube frame design. There's a picture in the September Sport Rider with the frame cover off, and there isn't a lot to see underneath. It's just plain ugly without it.

The cool alloy frame on the suzuki unfortunately did nothing to help it's handling capabilites.

I know what you're thinking: Gee, I wonder if this guy owns a Z1000 :)

The_Aerodynamic_Head 09-21-2003 03:24 PM

Re: 2003 Naked 1000 Shootout
That's it exactly. When you shoot a gun filled with "Hydroschock", it fires a fruity ****tail at your assailant. Large calibre rounds even have a drink umbrella, which really hurts. A lot.

The effect is not unlike the scene in ALIEN when the critter bursts from that guy's stomach. Except it's more like the Spaceball's version. But imagine that the critter is a flaming homosexual. Now you've got it.

I saw a guy get shot with Hydroschock once. Oh, he lived. But it's no kind of life for a man. No kind of life at all.

I...I, just, I can't talk about this any more...I'm sorry.

The_Aerodynamic_Head 09-21-2003 03:29 PM

Re: shootout with just 2 bikes is pretty lame
Transformers kick a$$.

Come on! If Yamaha gave us a bike that looked PRECISELY like a TRansformer, how many of us under age 45 wouldn't think it was cool?

SmokeU 09-21-2003 05:14 PM

Re: shootout with just 2 bikes is pretty lame
Transformers RULE!!! I remember when I was a kid and played with them in the '80s. Yeah I'm one of the younger guys here. I do know that if one of the manufacturers came out with a bike that looked like a Transformer I would buy it....and stick an Autobot sticker or two on it.

Buzglyd 09-22-2003 03:25 AM

Re: 2003 Naked 1000 Shootout
Kinda like a more dangerous Crash Bandicoot.

El_Duderino 09-22-2003 04:46 AM

Re: 2003 Naked 1000 Shootout
I'm not. ;)


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