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Default Re: Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket on deck.

The JR mesh with leather sleeves would be the Reactor (or Santa Fe for a toned down look).

The brand spanking new 2004 Phoenix 3.0 has that extra "Rock Tex" fabric (which is used in the non-mesh textile jackets) in the forearms and shoulders, so it should be able to provide much better abrasion protection than the old models. In order to add an extra measure of protection to my old JR Phoenx 2.0, I got some CE approved armor that is contoured to stay in place better, but the sleeve snaps are still a good idea with any armor.

Also new is the Alter Ego, basically a non mesh textile jacket that has removeable chest and back outer shell panels to expose a mesh layer underneath (a hybrid for year round use). The panels can be partially unzipped for venting only, or if they're completely removed there's a sack attached to the jacket to hold them.
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Default Re: Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket on deck.

ok, I have to put this in here since I have personal experience crash testing the joe rocket stuff.

I went down one week ago today at 60 miles per hour in the jr reactor jacket. I hit the ground very hard and slid for what seemed like forever. looking at the crash scene later, it appears to be about 60 to 70 feet. I wear just the jacket, not the pants and, luckily, it didn't ride up on me. the *only* damage I got was a very nasty deep bruise on my shoulder (would have been a broken collarbone if I had not been wearing the jacket) and really bad roadrash on my wrist where the jacket slid up a bit and my dumb ass wasn't wearing gauntlet style gloves. As for the rest of me (if anyone wants to know), I wasn't wearing any other protective gear besides helmet, jacket, gloves, *khaki* work pants(!) and tennis shoes (moron)...besides the aforementioned shoulder and wrist, I have pretty decent rash on my knee and, most likely, some cartilage damage to the same knee. the shoes stayed on (surprise of all surprises). I will be purchasing boots, gauntlet gloves and protective pants before I get back out there....which will be a while with 2000 dollars worth of damage to my gixxer.

the jacket didn't tear, wear through, or give me any burns anywhere that it covered my body.

this is not an advertisement for the stuff and I'm not saying that these people are lying about speed or anything, I am just relaying my experience in the jacket to give another perspective.
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Default Re: Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket on deck.

Sorry about your misshap, I'm glad the ballistic nylon held up! It makes me feel better about wearing my jacket all of the time (summers are very long here in Arizona)
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Default Re: Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket on deck.

I have a JR Phoenix 2.0 (or 3.0). Bought it last year (2005). It's great for hot weather, and it was hot in Illinois last year.

It's very comfortable, and for the vain amongst you (or those who care): it does make you look a little chubby. If it is not really hot (or if it cools down in the evening), I just wear a longsleeved T-Shirt underneath. One time it was cooler than expected and started to rain a little. No problem: The liner is quickly put in and keeps you dry.

Don't know how it would perform in prolonged rain or in a crash - and I'm not eager to find out. Thanks to those, who did have a spill and shared their experience.

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