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Kevin_Williams 09-17-2003 09:44 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
It's under the cowl which might actually double as a nice helmet for your leggy blond-haired blue-eyed hitchkiker :)

dardas 09-17-2003 09:59 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
....or century even.... :-)

KPaulCook 09-17-2003 10:09 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
Where did you get your work done? Its $400 on my Ninja. You could help your Duc bothers by telling them what dealer. Or did you just make up the $300 figure.

whitetrashrobot 09-17-2003 10:13 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
I feel like the writing at MO has really been lacking lately. Both this piece and the FZ6 piece lacked any real insight or depth. This monster piece especially since you had the machine for a good week, you could have done some indepth testing and written an interesting article, after all you're not limited by space like a printed magazine.

The writing was devoid of any kind of analysis or style. MO used to have great articles, both in the Burns and in the Minime eras (eras by internet standards at least). Things are pretty lacking lately.

Come on guys, you have the greatest job in the world, live up to it. Pick up some issues of T.W.O. or Bike for inspiration and get writing.

cornercarver 09-17-2003 10:35 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
Yeah, but you get magnesium wheels on the S4R, compared to regular alloy wheels on the standard Tuono, so that makes up the $1500 difference, right there.

Then, as anyone with either bike will tell you, installing the Ohlins valve kit in the Showa forks gets you 97% of the performance of Ohlins road and track forks for about $500. The Titanium Nitride on the S4R will give the advantage with that mod to the Monster. It scores cool points at the very least.

Maintenance cost aside, I'd consider the Monster a better deal, at least until I get a chance to ride one and see just exactly which one is the better bike.

sarnali 09-17-2003 10:52 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
they saw you coming kpaul, valves on my trophy were $150. Two hours shop time @ $60p/h + tax.

mscuddy 09-17-2003 11:37 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
Wow, good deal. Is this place in So. Cal? A buddy of mine ownes a ST4, and is always complaing about paying around $600.00 every 6K for a valve adjust. I was adding the extra $200.00 for laughs...

mscuddy 09-17-2003 11:42 AM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
C'mon, it's the new MO Light". Less filling.

SmokeU 09-17-2003 12:05 PM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
After 33,500 miles my Magnas valve adjust came to a wopping $0.00 total. They never needed any kind of adjustment. Sucks though, I ended up selling it a few weeks ago and I'm getting sick of riding my dad's Deuce(stays in my garage so I get to ride still) wherever I go. I'm starting to get the winter withdrawal already damnit

Buzglyd 09-17-2003 12:19 PM

Re: 2004 Ducati S4R Reader Feedback
The services at 6000 and 18,000 are cheaper than the 12,000 and 24,000. The belts need to be replaced every 12,000 which adds to the cost.

I think my 18,000 mile service was 360 or 380 which included an oil and filter change and other adjustments along with the valves.

I use GP Motorcycles in San Diego.

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