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fitzspike 09-10-2003 07:52 PM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
I have never bought a new motorcycle in my 55 years. I am going to buy a new FZ6! ASAP!

I would rather have had a conventional tach. and speedo but everything else? Bingo! Can't wait 'til December!

v2-90 09-10-2003 08:48 PM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Saw the new ZX-10R and also the new Z-750 tonight at the Huntington Beach bike night. Think some Kawasaki guys brought 'em down? Anyway, the new ZX10 looks REALLY nice, you'll definitely have to see it in the flesh. Pictures really don't do it justice. The asthetics are really smooth and about the only complaint I have on looks is the Kawasaki is still using the god-awful turn signals of theirs. They must have made a million of them and are getting their money's worth out of the bin...

The new Z-750 looks really nice too - very close to the Z1000, but without the 4-pack mufflers. It also has a non-adjustable front-end, think it may have come from the ZR-7S? The bike looks good and I think it looks better than the Z1000 for some reason.

Also saw the brand new Aprilia RSV1000R and also saw the (now arriving) MV Agusta Brutale S. The Aprilia looks much cleaner now and the tailight assembly is one of the cleanest I've seen yet - good job Aprilia! The Brutale is quite "different" but looks much better in person than in all of the pics on MV's website. Not a big fan of the catalytic converter between the header and the mufflers though - wonder how much that's going to heat up the rear shock...

All in all, some great new bikes coming out for 04 and I have to admit that Kawasaki has really stepped up to the plate with their new models as of late, I've never been a big Kawi fan, but I'm impressed.

painter_1 09-10-2003 11:59 PM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
My friend Tom Wertman (AMA 194) is racing a 02 gixxer 1000 in AMA superbike this year. The bike has no motor work, just exhaust and a yosh. ignition box. He's raced every AMA race this year without a motor rebuild. They put it on the dyno at Road America (he finished 12th in the rain), and the thing put out 160.7 hp at the rear wheel. If the cbr1000 puts out 180hp at the crank, it will make about 160 or so at the wheel. it should be a fanastic year for open bikes, on the track and on the street. I gotta have one

Lowrez 09-11-2003 02:20 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
An updated B6 based on a the last GSX-R engine? A Bandit 800 based on a slightly stroked 750? Don't get me started.

Jakh77 09-11-2003 02:30 PM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Just don't let Jason Williams near it

captainwhoopass 09-12-2003 02:29 PM

Re: EEEEEEEEEEEEwwwwwwwwww
Huh? To each his own, I guess... personally, I think the R1's rear end is *****in'.

schizuki 09-12-2003 04:33 PM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
I have a B6. I wouldn't trade it for an FZ6. I like low-maintenance air cooling, and I like the Bandit's huge aftermarket support. Oh, and I like a tach I can read, too.

exyzfst 09-13-2003 01:01 PM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
It's about time the makers are waking up and taking the middle weight nakeds and semi-nakeds seroiously. I like the SV650, but I REALLY like FZ6. The sport tour/commute sector needs better 600cc +/- range bikes.

It looks like Yamaha may take the lead with this one.

The next step they all should take is by offering for this and other standards that are worthy, OEM bolt-on half fairing, or full sport or a touring fairing or no-bodywork at all. That would allow the particular rider to taylor the look and usefullness to his/her taste and needs.

How about taking it one step further and offering OEM bolt-on items like different bars, rearsets, or "off road" exhaust systems.

The makers must (I hope) be looking at the demograghics of our population, it is getting older all the time. Ergos are becoming more important to a larger sector. The handling and performance will always be the top of most riders list, but can not stand the ergo's of the top sport bikes.

They should see the profit in this like HD has. A dealer pointed out to me not too long ago, they didn't make that much on the bikes, but made real money in the accesories.

pattonme 09-15-2003 06:57 AM

Re: Kawasaki already tried..
The Z750 will be Kawi's answer. The -7s 'sucks' in carb setup and suspension. Get a Hagon shock for $300 with the RIGHT spring and you'll be amazed. Replace the front fork springs with the RIGHT ones for $100 and it'll do vastly better as well. Kawi could have done a better job on the -7 but I'm pretty happy with mine. I do have a lust problem with the FZ though. I so wanted the Fazer600. And now the Vstrom650!

triumph75 09-20-2003 07:20 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Anyone know when the '04 R1s will actually be in the dealerships?

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