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ValkBandit 09-09-2003 07:41 AM

what a gorgeous bike. truly.

and it puts harley's claim of "complete redesigns for 2004" in perspective.

i want one. can i have one? please? pretty please? i promise not to wad it ...

pnerenberg 09-09-2003 07:41 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Um hello...ok someone should look at the tach on that R1. They weren't kidding when they said shorter stroke...unless my eyes were deceiving me, that's a 13,750 rpm redline - HOLY )*@#)!*@!. Now that's what I'm talking about...a 1000cc bike that revs like a 750...almost like a 600. God damn what a rush. Ok, so I'm a bit rev-happy...I like F1 because it goes up to 18-19k, I like Ninja 250s cuz they can rev higher than my SV6Fiddy, etc.

This looks to be some serious machinery and they mean some serious business. The stroke looks to be reduced by a good 5 mm, maybe a bit more. The larger valves should be offset by the fact that they continue to use five per cylinder for the R1, so at least the intake valves will be no heavier than anything Suzuki, Honda, or Kawasaki are using. So if we're to believe the reading, this bike finally takes real advantage of a five valve design to eliminate problems with the top end and shorter stroke to eliminate those in the bottom end. Just call it The Revinator. Ok, bad name for it. Get one in red and call it El Diablo. Or one in blue and call it a Bluedevil, even Coach K would have to give this thing props. And silver, hey, just call it Gixxer chomper. Alright, all my names suck, but I'm thinking this bike is really really cool.

Jury is still out for me on the undertail exhaust job, but I think the "inverted" swingarm design looks pretty trick. The whole thing is pretty slick...has the GSX-R finally met its match? 180 hp at 12.5...ooooooweeeee, it's a good time to be riding (yes, I realize that's at the crank numbers...I don't think this bike will be too hard-pressed to put out 150 at the wheel though). Too bad I'm too poor to afford one, but I can still dream.

boru4761 09-09-2003 07:47 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Sorry JB not trying to ***** on the MO parade. I thought maybe the 'S' was for Special Edition or something, like the Champion's Edition they did a few years ago for the R1.

detansinn 09-09-2003 07:51 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Absolutely! Don't forget, way too expensive for privateers to make competitive. haha/ Baba-san is the only voice of reason at the big H. My knees still go weak when I see those "speed holes" in the original CBR900.

And yes, the VF1000R was a cool ride with gear-driven cam noise that was louder than the exhaust. Plus, heavy enough to total a sub-compact car.

Closet_Bad_Ass 09-09-2003 08:04 AM

Holy trick, Batman!
I assume they mean at the crank but 180hp should, as uttered by my brother when I relayed the news, "launch your anus to uranus before you could shut it."

Certainly more than I need but exactly what I want.

craig__w 09-09-2003 09:15 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
So, 180hp huh, anyone know what Honda Kawasucky and Poozuki's liter bikes put out at the crank, so we can get a feel for rear wheel HP with this thing?

I didn't see my favorite balck/silver color scheme in there. Anyone know if that's because they're not making it.

Also, when do we get to find out the 2004 HP specs for the rest of the gang (RCB1000, ZX-10R, and Gixxer1000)?

Thanks Yama-yee-ha for making my decision about what bike to buy next year that much more difficult... (absolutely no hint of sarcasm)


sqidbait 09-09-2003 09:23 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
The FZ6 is very cool.

I've been getting pretty close to buying a CBR600, but I think I'll hold off. I think that the FZ6 may turn out to be a better bike for me.

Light, powerful, long valve adj intervals, and a *centrestand*! Wow. Hopefully GIVI will come out with luggage mounts soon after the release.

If the price is kept in the 6K to 6.5K range, this bike will dominate the market. Why buy a ZR7/Bandit 600/etc when you can buy so much more bike for a couple dollars more?

-- Michael

rags23 09-09-2003 10:38 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
FZ6! Yay! Yay! Yay!

I will type something sensible when my euphoria slows down :)

acecycleins 09-09-2003 10:45 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Okay, I am hear to burst everyones bubble about the new R1. Yamaha is claiming 180hp at the crank. That will most likely translate into 155hp to the ground. If the weight meets the "superbike" standard it will most likely weigh in at 380lbs dry. If the rest of the industry continues in this direction it won't take long before insurance companies say they've had enough and will start refusing to insure these bikes. How do I know? I sell motorcycle insurance for a living. I am one of the only "motorcycle only" independent agencies in the country. I rep every underwriter of motorcycle insurance available in the USA. Rates are spiralling out of control right now. Can you imagine how bad it's going to get if "street legal superbike" manufacturers keep up this horsepower war? I am just sending a warning people. You're only about a year or two away from having your insurance companies cut you off. Hell, the veast majority of you guys have no business being on a bike that puts out 120+hp in the first place and the insurance industry knows it. Think things are bad now, just wait.

johnnyb 09-09-2003 10:57 AM

Re: Wait No MO: 2004 Yamahas!
Man, that is uncalled-for harsh. Just charge it to your VISA and pay the $26 per annum for liability only.

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