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Default Re: Restorer Craig Barrett Feedback

Sounds a bit like me. Back in 1975 or so at the tender age of 13, I mananged to finagle a ride on my neighbor's Suzuki TM400 Cyclone dirt bike.

The wheelies. The Godlike power. I was invincible. I knew my XL100 was no longer adequate, so I got an MT250 enduro. Not quite a TM400, but a step in the right direction.

Looking back on it, what a scary bike that was. The TM was smaller than my MT and it had that hulking engine in it.

I guess I never quite got over hulking air cooled 2 strokes as I currently ride a '92 Yamaha WR500
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Default Re: Restorer Craig Barrett Feedback

Alex - Pro Flasher
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Default Re: Hey buddy!

Well what do you know? A VI buddy makes the news. Been a long time Craig! Think I should forward this article to Heather? Absolutely!

Let's catch up. My email is ckirk@wyoming.com

Best - Chris Kirk .... now in Jackson, WY
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Default Re:do it in the dirt

My first bike was a shiney new '71 Hodaka Super Rat that I Moto crossed. Then I mowed every lawn in the world, and bought a '73 Yamaha RT 360 MX that I also raced.

When I got my license I rode my dads '66 Triumph or his '67 Bultaco Matador cafe' racer (super motard?) till I joined the Navy

When I got out I bought a new '80 Kawasaki KZ 750 T that I rode while I built my first HD,

Then came an '83 GPZ 750, three more Harley's, two Bmw's, an '84 VF1100S sabre and an '86 ZX1000R Ninja.

Then I got a job that actually payed me enough to buy NEW bikes and got a '97 VFR 750, then an '01 1200 S Bandit, an R1150RT for a week and now, my new '02 Trophy 1200.

Plus a '73 yamaha 250 MX, a '73 380 CZ and a '71 yamaha mini-enduro.

Old Japanese bikes like the 305 Hondas and Kawasaki triple's were just as important as Norton's, Triumph's, R90S's and Sportsters in shaping modern sportbikes.
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Default Boss Hoss

What I have seen of the Boss Hoss has been at Sturgis. My take is that Boss Hoss owners are all about, "Hey everyone, look at me. I've got wads of cash to blow on the most ridiculous bike ever concieved. Wait, wait, look at me, Vroom, Varoom!,....Oh God, help me, the bike has fallen over on my leg, I need someones' help, heeellllp me, oh Lord the pain, my legs burning off, oooohhh God help me"
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Default Re: Boss Hoss

I won't apologize for the gobs of style built into the Hoss. You may have some difficulty understanding the evolution of motorcycling into the only true form... V8. The same mighty powerplant built for the Boss is even used by GM to power their trucks. Even GM can see the potential for eight cylinders arrayed in such glorious manner. Those that watch and envy from the curb cannot understand.

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Default Re: Restorer Craig Barrett Feedback

yes, very much the same for me. an older guy down the street had a series of progressively larger scooters & small hondas, ending with a little beauty of a honda 90. i was hooked just watching him & helping ( ? ) him wrench on them. i finally got a used black/silver cb77. HEAVEN, life changing, and god it sounded great burbling along towards my high school on frosty mornings. since then i've owned a BUNCH of nipponese twins and some spanish singles. yeah, baby, bless Sochiro-san!
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