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TatdNPrcd 08-01-2003 09:44 AM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
...stout and hearty men all.

KPaulCook 08-01-2003 09:57 AM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
Actually it is just west of Golden and runs parallel with I-70 . I think it is US 6 but I would have to look at a map. Lots of tunnels and tight turns. Great road. Use to drive my RX-7 on it when I was in school at Boulder. Boulder and Poudre canyons are great too.

rpt 08-01-2003 10:18 AM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
because, as seen from this side of the ocean, US area a competitive country, wit all the good and bad things that came along.

I mean, competitivness must have some kind of judgement (this one is best, mine is biggers than yours and so on).

As for the french, I don't know. All

I know is that is a lovely country, and we can find every kind of people there.

I think the thing is the education levels that you have in all of the population's levels. The north you go , the far more "organization of concerned citizens" you will find.

However, for instance, in Norway 1 liter of petrol costs 1,5 usd .

Yeah, keeping the masses smart and clever and clean and educated costs real money...

In the US, f$$k them. Go and get their education for themselves.

Some get, some don't....

Hell, what do I know. I ride a VFR....

and I've been in the US once only

rpt 08-01-2003 10:27 AM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
For those who can read french

<a ref="">Joe Bar Team</a>

sportbike_pilot 08-01-2003 10:33 AM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
Deep, brudda, deep. I think you are ready to be baptized. Don't make us hold you down :)

JohnGeisz 08-01-2003 12:08 PM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
by the way my friend is your shift key broken?

JohnGeisz 08-01-2003 12:14 PM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
I guess I've seen a few cruiser guys acting this way. I've also seen sportbike guys (of which I am one) just asking for it. I wave to everybody, don't care if they wave back.

But much more frequently, it's cagers on country roads that think it's time to go racing when I politely pass them. (usually with a wave) "Easy Rupert, I know that 1977 Ford LTD is built for speed, but please, don't try to show me right now, okay? I'll be completely out of sight in 7.2 seconds (straight road, ya know) and THEN show me how fast you are, okay Rupert?

ewok1 08-01-2003 12:16 PM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
absolutely. i am ready. willing. able. i live in coeur d'alene. i have no chance to get to pokey. if you're up here maybe you will give me a shout. i may not ride for *****, but i am incredibly shallow as you observed. it works for me. i am a little mortified at all the typos. nobody to proof.

ewok1 08-01-2003 12:34 PM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
i wondered if anybody was going to call me on that. i suck at typing too. but after 15 years of dication i started typing when i had to use my computer for work. i tried to use upper case when it was appropriate, but i screwed it up so much that i just started doing it this way for email things like this. sorry if it bugs you. if someone objects to my emails like this i try to do it right for them.

grover750 08-01-2003 12:36 PM

Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback
Sure, I've ridden that road many times. It was usually packed with tour buses going to Central City, but it was a fun way to connect to I-70 West. I really miss the colorado roads. I moved to MN.

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