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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

You have no way to know how fast he was going, but the point is that it's his decision. If the harley guys want to ride slow than whatever. But there is no reason to hold everybody else up, and totally no reason to pull out infront of him while he is in the process of going by. Thats a hell of a lot more dangerous than speedin, and just rude...
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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

Doesn't ring a bell. Where is it?

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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

Good story that we can all relate to in some way. Last fall a friend and I were taking a run on the Kancamaugus Highway and sure enough we got stuck behind a large group of cruisers riding two across and chit-chatting, smoking, and traveling way below the posted limit. After a long frustrating period, it was clear they wouldn't pull over, my vfr riding buddy and I passed them. I don't know if they flipped us off since this road is very narrow and our moose are very large, my eyes were focused on what was in front.

I have a theory on where some folks get this attitude that it is ok to hog the road. First and formost people are much less considerate these days, but since the folks riding the $25k pieces of driveway jewelry are probably doctors and lawyers they get it on the golf course. I play like I ride and can finish 18 holes in 2.5 hours if I don't run into 4 fat stoogie smoking polyester wearing nitwits.

At least on the golf course they only travel in groups of four and I can shoot at them and pretend it was a mistake.
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Default I think your login says it all

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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

The canyon right above Arvada, out near the wind farm. I'm not a CO resident so I don't know the area real well but I do know that a few twists and turns aside it connects to 119 up south of the top of Boulder Canyon.
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Default KPaulKookadoodledo

Sure, anything can happen anywhere but the funny thing is that it always involves you in these places. And I suppose if you are going to dream up a wife she might as well be very fine and have incredible tatas that she shows off in tube tops. What about her thong?
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Default Re: Go to Sturgis on a Buell

Yeah, if you're a moronic squid who thinks that drag racing on public roads is the pinnacle of motorcycling enjoyment...
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

I've been probably been cut off more frequently by other cars, trucks, or semis while driving than by cruisers while riding. It's unfortunate that our American freedoms include the freedom to have a big, stupid ego.
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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

Perhaps the best post I have seen all year. I think I will put this on my fridge with a magnet.
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Default Re: Sturgis Tales Feedback

i love the internet. there is no better distraction for me than message boards.

this might turn out to be long. you are warned.

i like feeling superior to cruiser riders. i ride sport bikes. i feel superior to them because i go to track days. i think i'm a pretty good motorcyclist. in truth, i am dog slow. when i read mr. hackworth's story i wonder. why does mr. hackworth finds it noteworthy to tell a bunch of people how he can pass low powered heavy bikes. i reason that it's because he is a professor of some sort at idaho state university in pocatello, idaho. he needs to feel superior to somebody. for example, i feel superior to him because i went to better schools than isu. i now live in north idaho. southern idaho is an inferior location on the globe. everybody knows that. clearly, i am a superior human when compared to mr, hackworth. nauseated yet? still, i like mr. hackworth's writing. i like to think we would get along famously. i admire his choices in life compared to mine. he has a good, probably fairly low stress job. he rides his bikes more than i do i bet. hopefully, if he reads this, he understands i am just blowing it out my ass with this talk of superiority. i think he may have been baiting us with his article.

pop phsychology aside, i am guilty of the same crime i believe mr. hackworth committed here. i can't figure out why i need to despise harley people. so what if they choose ridiculous bikes? some of them are really good riders. some own and race sport bikes. i ridicule them in private and in public anyway.

it is stupid of me. to feel the need to congratulate myself on my choice of motorcycles defies logic. a harley rider could clearly afford any of my sport bikes. they are also members of what i like to think of as my two wheeled tribe.

i have had a bad experience that leads me to want to change my attitude.

last sunday i had a track day. i got home from riding to laguna on saturday. i felt the need to ride like eric bostrom. in my mind anyway.

i had a great time. at the end of the day i piled my gsxr r 600 racebike in the back of my neighbor's trailor and climbed on my zx 7r for a ride home. on the way home i hit a 15 mile section of twisties. i know the road well. just like evrybody who has a favorite section of road. a harley appeared ahead. i saw him see me and saw him accelerate. at 46 i can usually just ride my own ride. if a squid on an r6 had done that, i would not take the bait.

but a harley, well i had the reputation of the entire sport bike nation riding on my performance. i caught him and followed too close for a while. he was pretty fast for a harley guy. he was dragging parts and all that. i laughed in my helmet. i was having fun. i believed he was past his comfort zone. he was braking in weird places and i felt really superior noticing that his right hand was not operating the lever. he was using only the rear brake. i felt superior to some guy i didn't know. good for me.

with about a dozen turns left i passed him on the outside. he tried to force me wide but missed the block. i just motored by and stopped up the hill at a stop sign. i glanced in my mirror and his bike was in the ditch.

i went back to see if he was ok. he was pissed at me. the front rim was bent and he may have bent his forks. we talked for a long time and agreed we both behaved like idiots.

i won't do that again. why did i enjoy that? my bike is way better than his. reflecting on the situation, i had no reason to be proud.

i think the reason for all this bluster may be because it is a little hard to compare the experience of riding a cruiser to sport riding. face it, you need to be skilled to ride a bike well, but it isn't difficult compared to most sports. you don't need to be fit to ride pretty well. you don't need to be athletic to ride pretty well. nobody would seriously contend that a harley performs very well compared to a recent japanese race replica. and almost nobody cares.

i hope my feeling toward harley riders evolves.

i think bill and ted had it right. be excellent to each other. party on.

e.i immediately feel superiorce any treatment
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