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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

I am with you on this. I love my new xb9s and dont feel the need to compare it to other bikes.

Having said that, i could not believe how much more fun this bike is to ride than my departed zx6R.

That bike was very fast, looked like every other bike , and was a goddam torture chamber.

I ride my Buell everyday, I rode the Ninja once a week.

nuff said.

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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

And the japs take credit for the inline 4 (see Indian or MV Agusta) who cares- plastic wazzu techno turds with radiators. I'm so tired of boring balding dorks compensating with superbike repli-racers. I miss the old days when Motorcycle riders just rode. In fact I miss real motorcyclists.... peek in on a harley dealer, who are these guys? Gold card riders? And the Wingers, whoa.

Anyway, I rode an XB12s this weekend @ the LB m/c show, WOW! and wheelie time, I love aluminmu big block vettes. And the VROD, finally got to ride one. Damn nice power, fit and finish. As fast as it looks..... What the hell are the harley psuedo purists whining about. I'm 5th generation H-D owner and I gotta say, I hate new harley guys. Hey my soapbox crumpled! Oh crap, no spell check. See ya.

Never trust a smiling dog.
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

Here it is, December 2004 and Motorcycle Online has another XB12R comparison with the MV Brutale and the aprilia Tuono. And the winner is . . . Da Buell!

Guess this bike wasn't as bad as all the magazine pundits tried to make it out as. As for me, I never did "buy American, buy Buell." I settled for an aprilia SL mille Falco. I still want a Firebolt, however. Glad to see she is getting her just reward.
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Default Re: Duh.

Yah, I think I do.

Judging by the interviews I have seen with Mr. Buell, money is a fringe benefit of his passion. I know, it is a business. Yet he seems to love creating something that just 'works' for the street. Hell, he knows his bikes won't outperform race replicas on the track - they were never intended to be so narrow focussed. Maybe that's why they are FUN. BTW, you don't think Eric BUELL has any say what engine HE decides to put in HIS BUELL motorcycles? Isn't his name on the tank?
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