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jhinton 07-18-2003 09:48 AM

40-50% depreciation is great
40-50% depreciation is great. Here is what you do. You stash away some bucks until about Aug 2004. You combine your little money stash with the proceeds from selling you current bike and buy a 1 year old XB12 for about $6K cash. Buy one of the many bikes that barely make it past break-in during the first year and you have just bought yourself a practically new bike for half price. You may even get some extras thrown in.

Then if your really smart you’ll take that $200/mth bike payment and save it until you can buy your next bike with cash to. Suddenly you’re out of the credit cycle and can enjoy yourself a bit more when you not throwing money away paying interest so you have a new toy right now. That instant gratification is expensive. You’ll pay about $2k in interest over the life of a $10K, 5 year bike loan. Is it worth it?

Mikey 07-18-2003 10:27 AM

Re: Like the Cycle World Street Course Competition?
I think CW is full of crap on that comment. In their pictures, you can see the bolts that allow that part of the swingarm brace to be removed so that the belt can be changed.

Can any of the owners comment? Is CW correct?

ccherry 07-18-2003 10:41 AM

Johnnie, we hardly knew ye...
It's hard to lose my Burns fix.

I've followed you around from magazine to magazine. I have to say, you are the only motojournalist (outside of Kevin Cameron) who even knows what good writing is.

I have enjoyed reading your work, I hope I find you when you land again.

In the meantime, there's still Mark Morford.


Rob-SV650 07-19-2003 10:43 AM

Turbos don't make peaky power, they actually usually can put out high torque at very low RPM's.

What they do have is lag while you wait for the turbo to spin up - with a small turbocharger this can be less than a second, but it is very noticible.

A turbo would be great for the dragstrip, but since a lot of cornering is precise control of the throttle, this would be bad for handling, and this is probably why no manufacturer uses turbos on sportbikes any more (they don't use turbos on racebikes either AFAIK).

electraglider_1997 07-19-2003 04:22 PM

Re: New Sportster?
Fuel injected also.

KPaulCook 07-19-2003 08:51 PM

Re: Buell XB12 Feedback
I'm with you. Think I'll take a red one.

EARLJR 07-19-2003 09:16 PM

Re: Kool-aid drinkers
Dont compare a souless jap 600,or fz1 with a aircooled twin sportbike(monster, 900ss,or buell xbs)that will give the rider:1. pride of ownership, the jap bikes are like owning toasters 2. not intimidating but inspiring its rider in the twisties 3.something that when the ride ends still stirs your emotions (like the two wheeled cousins of the honda accord will ever do that)

bikes 2000zx12, 92 900ss,2001 mille r

M2CYCLONE 07-21-2003 09:00 AM

Re: Like the Cycle World Street Course Competition?
If you want a touring oriented bike, buy a Gold Wing. Not all of us want a heavy POS bike with a fairing. I had one on a Bandit. That bike was boring. If anyone thinks the clutch pull on any Buell with the factory clutch & springs is heavy, then they are a limp wristed ...... Why is anyone comparing a Lightning or Firebolt to a FZ-1. Two completely different bikes. The Yamaha is a dull do it all (but nothing well) UJM with little lean angle. BTW, the recommended belt change for the 04 Firebolt & Lightnings is 25,000 miles and you don't have to remove the swingarm.

shinnix 07-22-2003 08:32 PM

Re: Buell XB12 Feedback
I've already put a deposit down on the XB12R.

... and pre-ordered a set of high-density foam-padded, cordura arm chaps.

But seriously, how does the new XB stack up against the SV650 or the Concours?

allbikesbiker 07-22-2003 08:38 PM

Re: RC51 or Ducati Probably does not have a bike
RC51 yesterdays news, yes..

not rideable? I think not.

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