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Default Re: Buell is doomed...

What on this bike incorporates finding new ways to do things?

It's certainly possible that I'm wrong, I'm not an expert on every model of motorcycle.

However, I can't think of another bike that does the fuel in frame thing, or the oil in swingarm thing, or the rim mounted brake disc thing.

And as far as design goes, I believe the XB series frame is one of the absolutely stiffest available. (Side effect of having really large cross section frame rails to put gasoline into.)

I think it's cool to see a company trying out new things. I find the motor uninspiring, but that's mostly just because it's too small.

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Default Re: Hrm

Nope, he is pretty stout.
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

if you've been out of bikes for 30 years then you can't be all that young. I take it your butt/back allows you to think/be young? Because all of those bikes (save the Buells) are nominally torture racks for any kind of distance.

No matter WHAT you choose to ride, please PLEASE check yourself into a MSF beginner rider course and follow that up with the experienced one.

torque = sensation of speed. Nothing's quite like the afterburner on a fighter but then again, that pales to a carrier launch.

I think the Buell more than satisfies points #1, 2, and 3. Having ridden the 9S and 9R, I frankly think it addresses #4 as well. The I4's give a lot of aural feedback that the motor is giving it's all, and lots of people confuse that with power or like to have that feedback and depend on it being there. But the Buell definately gets a move on.

Let me expound a little on #2 with regard to the Buell's. Like JB noted (as did Canet) the little bugger is incredibly stable but it has a considerable tendency to stand up. Whereas almost all sport(y) bike will take a set and maintain their lean angle, the Buell keeps popping back upright. The 9R demonstrates this to a much greater extent than the 'S' model but not because it's any different but that the 'S' handlebars mask it. Like getting used to the shifting, it's something you have to learn to deal with.

I simply can't grok or justify the price premium Buell wants for their bikes. I actually love the visuals (pity the '04 9's don't come in red) and love how they behave overall. I don't like the vibration and I even more don't like the failure to accomodate a passenger and luggage. Buell should indeed come out with a version that would compare with Ducati's S2.

I also think they should license the Aprilia design (60deg is close enough to 52) or something like it and run a balancer. And spend some R&D on a motor that does't come with all the baggage of the motorcompany. I totally dig Air-cooled and hydrolic valve actuators. 8K redline is just fine too. The humongous length of the output/tranny/drive shaft arrangment needs to get tossed for something compact like the competition has been doing for a couple years now.

You want something that's unique or has character and not the Buell, then I think we're talking Triumph. T3 series ('95 - '97). Try the Daytona 900/1200 or a speed triple or sprint. Despite it's "weight" those bikes moved very well. And frankly, it's the street we're talking about. There is a rational and realistic limit which is far lower than any of the hyperbikes are capable of producing in theoretical environments.
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

3rd Grade teacher in a tube top? So THAT's where you went...

P.S. I hope you got the guy's name... eeewwwwww

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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

I agree...it's best to compare apples with apples, but no matter how great an influence I think I may be, it was CW's decision alone, to compare their "Ten Best Streetbikes" - I simply reported the fact that the Buell was substantially faster than the FZ1 and all others (except the F4i) in the handling course that was designed as a "real-world handling course" by CW.

The FZ1 comparison was brought up in an earlier post above, wherein the writer felt that the FZ1 was a much better bike, due to its extra power.

Well..we know that in the canyons and tight stuff (and away from a wide-open race track or top-speed or drag race), the Buell will likely stomp all over that flabby cat.

Can it beat a Gixxer 1K or R1 or 954 in the twisties? That depends entirely on the rider. I believe it will be a close match, unless you have a truly expert rider who can deal with the power and wheelspin of the "sports bikes". I'm sure that some guys would be quicker on the sports bikes, but a regular old canyon carver like myself would almost certainly be quicker on the Buell....

and have huge fun doing it.

Different strokes.......but it gets REAL tiring hearing all the "Buell is crap" diatribe over and over when most of the protestors can't ride their way out of a wet paper bag.

Enjoy your Sports bike. I'm looking forward to my first Buell!
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Default Re: Bravo Buell and Thanks to JB

OK, who is this and what did you do with the real KPaulCook?

Or are you his evil twin from the parallel universe?
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

To answer your question, the riding is unbelievable once you get just a little bit out of town... Just a short ways up north into the mountains and the roads are awesome, not to mention it's cooler up there too.
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

I don't know what it is about this bike, but I gotta have one! I own a TLR right now, but this new firebolt has got me running around in circles. How's the shifting on the thing? I was racing an F3 and I got my a@# handed to me by a lightning, so I know they can absolutely fly. If anyone knows anything please let me know, ...my shoes are wearing out.
Jaime Hellcat
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

I'd love to get one, but the depreciation is so severe (40-50% in the first year around here). I need some equity left in a bike after 2-3 years so that I can offset the financial strain of the next purchase.

Buying a Buell means that my 2-3 year replacement schedule would have to be upped to 4-6 years. That combined with the reliability issues keeps me away.
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Default Re: Buell XB12 Feedback

Custom-made Italian frame, japanese forks and shock, etc., etc., ... all assembled by union workers in Milwaukee. This bike is neither all American nor produced by a low-cost manufacturer. So what? Neither is a Guzzi or a Ducati or a BMW or Benelli or, or, or, H-D, for that matter. It's different, cool and highly functional in its own unique way, and that makes it attractive to me, too. I'd get one if I weren't so concerned about leaving my children orphans after my wife was convicted of murdering me.
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