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SmokeU 07-16-2003 07:43 AM

Re: New Sportster?
It's supposedly rubber mounted too. I heard this from the local HD dealer.

captainwhoopass 07-16-2003 07:48 AM

Re: Like the Cycle World Street Course Competition?
What a surprise- the Buell outhandles the FZ-1. The FZ-1 is a more touring-oriented bike than the Buell. It has real handlebars and wind protection, which you only get half of with either Buell model. It can comfortably carry a passenger, which the Buell can't do. You can put bags on it. It also has a real fuel tank that allows you to go a reasonable distance without refueling. Lastly, you don't have to remove the swingarm and replace the drive belt after 15,000 miles like you do on the Buell (according to the Cycle World article).

By the way, here are some quotes from the test you reference of each bike"

Yamaha FZ-1:

"Not only does the Yamaha have a smooth and strong low-end, it also offers a high enough rev ceiling to allow staying in a lower gear where others had to be upshifted."

"The upright riding position and wide bars lent a degree of dirt-trackish control, a good thing for rider confidence when the going gets technical."

Buell XB-9R:

"Holding the tight line requires constant input, as the bike wants to right itself when leaned over."

"The Buell may be light and compact, but it's a bit like wrestling a pit bull through the slalom."

"Clutch pull is ultra heavy, and under hard use the front brake requires more lever effort than any other bike here. Then again, more aggressive bite would only amplify the bike's insistence on standing up while braking."

The bottom line: These are two different bikes for different purposes.The Buell may be faster around their course, but it's a big effort to get that extra two seconds out of it, and two seconds doesn't mean jack sh!t on the street.

eb_1 07-16-2003 08:53 AM

Re: JB "retiring"
No, JB, NO! If you leave the biz, you'll be making it easier for the Evil Boehm and Vanilla Cook to contort the motorcycle review business into BUSINESS. We want some facts, but laced with humor and philosophy. Only you and a few at CW can do the job!

sqidbait 07-16-2003 09:29 AM

Re: Buell is doomed...
"Benchmark for what" Open class sportbikes? In case you didn't notice, this isn't an open class sportbike, so this statement is meaningless."

I was replying to the comment about the "joe rocket" crowd. For them, the benchmark is the R1/CBR/GSXR liter bikes. They don't buy Ducs as a whole, because ducs aren't appreciably better for the extra outlay of cash.

"They're probably not interested in widespread market acceptance right now. They're more focused on what really matters to a large business- making money. If they can make more money selling this kind of bike, then that's what they should do."

Of course Buell wants widespread acceptance of their sportbikes - that's how they'll make the money. Selling a couple thousand bikes won't do it.

Buell seems unable/unwilling to attempt to compete with the Big 4 head on[1], so they develop niche bikes and are attempting to build a brand around those niches. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't see that as a way to sell lots of bikes.

-- Michael

[1] Unlike Triumph. Now there's a company with some balls!

itsings 07-16-2003 01:34 PM

Re: Buell is doomed...
there is nothng 21st century about the lump of metal powering the Buells. I do like Buell, but untill they get a "real" sportbike engine they will always be an "odity" in the motorcycle world. That sad part is that if they could ever get a real motor, they could "definitly" be a competitive motorcycle manufactuer.

itsings 07-16-2003 01:40 PM

Re: Buell XB12 Feedback
When Buell is able to be "competitive" then the critics will NOT have SO much to complain about. Buell has done amazing things with the sportster engine. But it's a sportster engine!! it is not, nor ever was intendend to power a sportbike/streetfighter. It is not and does not have the performance and technological refinement that the competition has. Plus WHY would you ever pay as much for a buell as a GSXR1000 when the buell doens't even compare in any way to even the second tier 600's.

Buell does some amazing things to get what performance it does out of that engine. But consider what amazing things he would be able to acomplish if he didn't have to spend SO MUCH creativity on "making due" with the sportster engine!!! A modern engine is the only thing that will every legitimise Buell.

OldBaldy 07-16-2003 01:58 PM

Re: Buell XB12 Feedback
Well, these were actually selected by CW for their ten BEST STREETBIKES know, the type of bike many of us actually enjoy to ride on the street? Sure, I would replace the "R" with the "S" model - being a lot more fun to ride, and probably even quicker than the "R" model tested in the tight stuff.

Whatever....the Buell will still be a LOT of fun in the twisties, and surprise MANY a "sportsbike" rider.

If it doesn't do anything for you, hey...all the better for those of us who prefer to ride something a little different.....I just don't understand the antagonism against the Buell design - when it's such a quick, great handling, unique, cool little bike.

Betamax 07-16-2003 08:57 PM

Re: Buell XB12 Feedback
You, sir, gave a well-reasoned answer to my sarcastic response, so I'll try to provide a reasonable answer in return.

I don't have any antagonism against Buell. But I don't understand why it was compared against those bikes. The only "Streetbike" in the bunch is the FZ1. All the rest are considered to be "Sport-Tourers"---bikes that are good in the twisties and on the street, but not quite up to full-on sportbike performance.

And the FZ1 is a big, tall bike. It has tons of power and handles corners well, but it is not a 'flickable' bike.

I don't understand why people don't compare apples with apples.

An accurate Buell comparo should compare it with the Honda 919, the SV1000, the Ducati Monster, etc. Not touring bikes.

If the bike is any good, then compare it with it's peers and see how it does. And I'm sure the Buell would do reasonably well...perhaps not the leader of the pack, but not a mutt either.

But Buell fans do it no favors by comparing it to sport-tourers or Pacific Coasts. Most people know that confident competitors enjoy a challenging match against the best that the competition can offer while feeble competitors try to take advantage of handicapped opponents.

Unbalanced comparisons just make the Buell look weak, even if it wins.

Betamax 07-16-2003 09:02 PM

Re: New Sportster?
A rubber-mounted engine?

Dude, that is cutting edge! It's nice to see HD pushing the envelope one more time.

What's next, tubeless tires?

boru4761 07-17-2003 03:47 AM

Re: Buell XB12 Feedback
Easy fizzchem,

I was talking about demographics not shiny happy bong smoking. Besides it sounds like you and I are on the same side. We like this bike and we want this bike but we cant talk ourselves into owning one. Not when Yamaha makes the FZ1 or Kawasaki makes the z1000. I like the Buell and I appreciate what Eric is trying to do but, in the end all I really want is to ride as often as I can without a support van along.

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