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ValkBandit 06-25-2003 12:54 PM

dude ... you DISSED me!

obandoj 06-25-2003 01:06 PM

Re: Buell vs the world.
Your local Yamaha dealer is taking you for a ride. At my shop in Phoenix we exchange shims when we do the job for you ($47.00 hr.) Free of charge. If you come in to buy the shims we sell them to you for $2.00 a piece with exchange, you can also get a local dealer to order you shims from K&L motorcycle supply for about the same price, most independent shops stock the K&L shims. You need to go to the Yamaha dealer and stick your big greasy boot up his butt :)

Z3Coupe 06-25-2003 01:17 PM

Re: My opinion...
I agree in general. However, Suzuki has no reason to make another TLR wannabe bike - look how poorly the TLR sold! Contrast that to sales of the GSXR1000...

That said, I would have rather seen the $8K SV1000 put up against the $10K Buell and Ducati...

BykerGeek 06-25-2003 01:25 PM

Re: make mine triplets...
I had the speed triple; great bike. I now have the Buell. Is it as fast? Hell no. Is it a better overall bike? Mostly yes.

The MSRP on the XB9s is not $8995, not $9995

Apples and Oranges? All three make similar horsepower and would be in the same class at the track; Thunderbike ! Of course it's not an R1 or GSXR. Duh...

James_Brown 06-25-2003 01:26 PM

Re: Burns Gets Naked With Twins!
I almost bought an SV650 over a Monster because of all of the mis-information on Ducati maintenance. Newer 2-valve Ducatis need their valves checked every 6k miles, which is hardly onerous. The only other maintenance issue you would have with a Ducati (but not an SV)is cam belts which should be changed every 12k miles. Other than that, oil, filters, tires, brakes and chains should be about the same between an SV650 and a 2-valve Duc. Figure $500 as an average maintenace cost for the Duc every 6k miles. That's not a huge chunk of cash, especially if you are an "average" rider (4-6k miles per year). If you ride 10k miles or more a year than I guess it could add up. Before you make your decision, educate yourself by talking to Ducati owners, not Suzuki owners.

Z3Coupe 06-25-2003 01:28 PM

Re: Stop spying on me and you are comparing apples and oranges
"For $10,000 the Buell should be better."

Or another way to say it is that the Buell is a great $8,000 bike - that just happens to have an MSRP of $10,000.

mjs 06-25-2003 01:34 PM

Re: Burns Gets Naked With Twins!
As usual Burnsie hits this nail right on the head

and tells it like it really is !

KPaulCook 06-25-2003 01:56 PM

Re: Stop spying on me and you are comparing apples and oranges
Exactly. Burns should be asking Buell why it cost $2000 more than it should.

KPaulCook 06-25-2003 01:57 PM

Re: Burns Gets Naked With Twins!
Right , he tellsit like it is after a couple of shots of vodka and some prozac. The man is insane about the Buell

pattonme 06-25-2003 01:59 PM

Re: Stop spying on me and you are comparing apples and oranges
I have ridden the 9S twice and the second time was able to take it's measure in a more realistic sense. The bike is worth 7grand new or thereabouts. Definately NOT 10k or even close to that number. Pretty nifty that Buell has all that cool technology but since when should the customer have to bear excessive R&D? Suzi/Yam/Hon/Kawi seem able to recoup their investments without demanding rediculous premiums.

The Kawi REX for example manages to have fully adjustable suspension and it's also dirt cheap, doesn't have a recalcitrant shifter, can actually carry some cargo, can seat 2 in comfort, and doesn't vibrate itself excessively. In fact I did a comparision of the Buell to every other major v-twin of modern note and the Buell is geared SIGNIFICANTLY lower than it's peers. For a motor that is anything but smooth, I don't get why you'd make the experience a needlessly jarring one.

I think the comparision to the SV650 was great in one sense: it was a slam at Buell marketing who thinks their bike is worth 10K when it should be priced on the order of Suzi's offering.

I still probably wouldn't buy a Buell, not because of it's origin or purported "history" but because I don't buy "toys", I buy every-day haulers (eg. Rex, ZR-7, SV, GS500, CB750, Triumph Trident, 919, etc). That's not to say some enterprising outfit won't come out with a GIVI setup for the 9R/S version assuming I could stand the ergo's or engine vibration for 500 mile days.

If I were buying toys and had the time and locality to enjoy their unique offerings, the TT600/Speed4 would be at the top of the heap by a long shot - light, best damn handling, more than adequate power.

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