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KPaulCook 06-25-2003 11:01 AM

Earth to MOrons
H-D is going can Buell.

KPaulCook 06-25-2003 11:04 AM

Oh yeah it's going to be a classic alright
Kind of like AMC Pacer. Ford Edsel, Pontiac Fiero etc.

SRMark 06-25-2003 11:07 AM

Re: Burns Gets Naked With Twins!
we could all use better wind protection on this website.

markszrz 06-25-2003 11:07 AM

Re: Observation & a technical question
Bold words indeed and spoken by a guy who can ride just about anything his little heart desires. For the rest of us non-JB types, you know take a loan out for 4/5 years and pay it off. It must really suck having your bike go South after the 2nd or 3rd year of the loan. However I do feel better knowing JB's "sources" tell him the "New" XB9 (Blast - please) are more reliable. No thanks I'll keep riding my 01 ZRX1200.

Regarding the VRSCA Engine. I have read that Buell is looking in to just that but we will have to see if it ever comes about. As far as the powerplant, think of the Yamaha V-Max. Has that engine ever been updated since it's conception - what 85?? If memory serves me correctly, it's just as strong as the VRSCA.

KPaulCook 06-25-2003 11:08 AM

The AMC Pacer of motorcycles
OK lets compare the Buell with the Ducati S4.

You are brown nosing again. The Buell is priced way to high for what it is. Speed Triple Kawasaki Z1000, Honda 919 all smoke it. You remind me of those clowns who thought a Firebolt would smoke any big 4 600. Right! Buell will be history in a few years and the Lightning is the next AMC Pacer.

ValkBandit 06-25-2003 11:09 AM

hey, it's not easy keeping the plumb advertisers happy ...

draffety 06-25-2003 11:18 AM

Re: Infinitley rebuildable
I agree as well, but I think the reason that Japanese bikes don't carry the "mistique" is because they are primarily "tech" bikes. Like the latest software or electric gizmo, they change every year. As soon as you buy one it's outdated, in a year or two it's worth about half as much as you paid for it. There is not any inherent "style" that makes it stand out. If after a year of ownership your Japanese bike is "also ran" status who wants it. Sure you can drive it 100K miles trouble free, but then it is just an object of utility (not that that's a bad thing - but it's not going to make the value skyrocket or anything).

HD and the Italian companies seem to have a knack for building bikes that people are drawn to. They have a "style" to them. I own two japanese bikes and a Ducati. I love the utility that the Japanese bikes provide they are well made and easy to maintain, but I LOVE the Ducati. I don't know why. The styling? The heritage? It's air-cooled - the seat is hard as a rock, but I love everyhing about it. To me, it represents motorcycling in it's purest form. It is not trying to be the fastest, most powerful, most modern - it just says "...ride me!"

People love their Harleys and Ducs and always are looking for ways to personalize/customize them. They keep them because they LOVE their bikes - they love the feeling they get when riding them - the heritage behind it.

People that buy Japanses bikes seem to have a whole different set of criteria. They buy them because they are faster, more powerful, less maintenance - same reasons people give for buying Honda Civics, Accords, Toyota Camrys, etc... Sure, everyone in the neighborhood has the same thing, but it's the practical (even if boring) thing to do. - In a few years they will upgrade to the next "latest and greatest" model. The current one will get sold or pushed to the side of the garage to "litterbox" status.

Of course I am painting with broad strokes, but you get the idea... My point is that the Japanese bikes are "disposable" because that is how they are marketed - the new technology is the "carrot" to get you to buy a new one. They DON'T WANT you to keep it forever.

markszrz 06-25-2003 11:21 AM

Re: Burns Gets Naked With Twins!
Oh my God - I am agreeing with JB! Similar bikes tested - thank you! The difference is how much do you want to spend and what's the extra $$ buying you.

rsheidler 06-25-2003 11:39 AM

Re: Buell--Puh-Leeze!
And I was at a track day about 3 years ago where an old guy (probably late 50s) with one f'kn arm on an ST1100 was blowing past young squids on 600s, 750 gixxers and R1s like they had at least one plug wire missing -- guy was a former hot-shot flattrack racer (that's how he lost his arm) who is one of the riders featured in the On Any Sunday Revisited movie.

I also was at a track day where a fat old guy (probably in his 60's) on an Oilhead BMW R1100 kicked my ass with my Ducati. Also a retired pro racer (which helped ease my bruised ego just a bit).

None of this says much about the realtive handling of ST1100s vs sportbikes, or R1100s vs Ducati 900SS, but a lot more about the differences between expert vs crap riders.

With equal riders, the Buell certainly would have been respectable -- maybe getting passed on the straights (where it couldn't be classed as a road hazard) but should be as good or better than pretty much anything out there on the turns.



SmokeU 06-25-2003 11:46 AM

Re: Burns Gets Naked With Twins!
OR you can buy the cheap bike, upgrade it, and have a better bike for still cheaper than the Duc.

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