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motonut_1 06-06-2003 02:10 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
Know any other manufacturer who's able to build those features into their bikes? Yep, BMW has cornered the market on high tech!

Buzglyd 06-06-2003 02:32 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
Indeed the artfull way one must preload the shifter to enable the machine to clunk into gear is an experience to be reserved for the truly classy!

triumph900 06-06-2003 02:54 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
Ya know, I was starting to think the same thing. Lots of hi-techy stuff (least it sounds hi-techy). Still, the H-D thang........

longride 06-06-2003 03:23 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
"Look at Yamaha's Star line. They make your bikes better than you do. Get on the bus, Gus."

I hope you are in no way implying that this Japanese manufacturer, is in any way, copying the style, or substance, of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Shame on you.

longride 06-06-2003 03:24 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
Easy on those Beemers Buz. I kinda like em, even though I have never ridden one.

HelterSkelter 06-06-2003 03:26 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
My Roadstar was without a doubt the most worthless, POS, hunk of cr@p I ever plunked down 11 grand for, it spent more time in the shop than on the road.

On the other hand my 3 year old HD with many tens of thousands of miles on it has been down for the count...oh...let me think...yeah that's it......NEVER.

HelterSkelter 06-06-2003 03:34 AM

Re: Stupid helmet
Evans? THE Evans Brasfield?

Anyhow, it makes me smile when people pontificate about riding without a DOT or even with no helmet. Lets face it motorcycling is inherently dangerous. The helmet manufacturers themselves say that if you wreck over 30 miles an hour, then all they're good for is clean-up (as in "hey, I've found his head AND it's in its own little no mess carry-container.)

Lets stick to the bike in question shall we and let Mr. Bass wear what the hell he likes.

Holy_Kaw 06-06-2003 04:18 AM

Re: '04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback
Entertaining article, thanks EBass. The feedback was part of the show. The two reasons I love MO don't ya know?

electraglider_1997 06-06-2003 04:24 AM

Helmet Smellmut
Everybody worrying about the helmet. Chances are everyone that carries on about what protective gear a person dons is out breaking speed limit laws everyday. If you want to cast stones then make sure that you are not throwing the boomerang variety.

Sam_Freed 06-06-2003 05:02 AM

Re: Stupid helmet
Hey, Brasfield!

I've seen what you wear when you ride and people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! For a peak at what a little tranny faggot this guy is, go to:

Very appropriate protective footwear, Eva! By the way, your stories read like the microwave directions on a box of corndogs.

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