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ValkBandit 05-19-2003 02:39 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
two words: matt mladin.

KPaulCook 05-19-2003 02:47 PM

Long Live the King
Say good bye Twins (RC-51 and 999) you have met your killing machine i.e. terminator. Great article, love the pics, though the outcome was predictable. Was nice to see a "little 600" in there as well. Can't wait to see the ZX10, R1, CRB1000RR go head to head with the king in 2004 AMA superbike. Too bad WSB won't let the killing happen on the track. See this for more details

The_Aerodynamic_Head 05-19-2003 04:48 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
Oh, the Suzuki is powerful allright. But it's ugly. It needs more chrome, and less plastic, and some torque below 7k. And the bolts should rust, at least the ones that don't fall off. Yup, it's a fine machine, that Gixxer. But it's no Harley. I mean, their anniversary isn't even half of what Harley's is. And now they've started that lovers' tryst with Kawasaki. I mean, at least when Harley was going out of business, they managed to get bought by someone cool, right? Who doesn't love bowling and bowling supplies? But Suzuki is leaning on Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a maker of container ships. How lame is that?

There's no doubt about it: the death of the inline four is right around the corner.

ShamanWS6 05-19-2003 05:01 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
Baha... no torque under 7K? Dude, my 1K will light off the tires from 3500 if you aren't watching the throttle hand sometimes.

The Gixxer rocks. I can't get enough of mine.

Holy_Kaw 05-19-2003 05:02 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
What no VFR (Zook650, Concours etc. etc.)? Entertaining article as usual guys, thanks.

zx-6r_maniac 05-19-2003 06:21 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
shame on kawasaki for not challenging the suzook with a decent zx-9 based mount (is it possible?). kawi should have gateway sponsor their zx-7rr's and paint them with the more appropriate holstein cow pattern... mladin could just mail it in this yr...its amazing how faster off the corners the gixxers wouldve been fun to watch nicky racing mat this yr...instead hes getting his ass handed to him over there in the old world...great story always

Am i the only one not ever buying dunlop tires again after seeing what happen to mladin on saturday?

RidinDawgDoc 05-19-2003 06:59 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
The Kawasaki had the lowest lap times in the hands of two of the three riders. Had the quickest single lap time of the three bikes. And the only reason it wasn't the quickest on average was because of one old farts lame accounting on it.

Yet, the Gixxer wins?? Sure, it is obviously the baddest bike out there right now, but why bother with a track test if you are going to ignore the results? Sounds like the winner was crowned before the test began.

Or in other words, age and treachery carried the day once again.

dardas 05-19-2003 07:23 PM

"humerus" or just plain funny?
Mr. Burns,

Is your spell check on the blink, or are you trying you hand at puns now? ;-)

bluedot 05-19-2003 07:44 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
I still insist that the folks who's first complaint when referring to the gixxer is (whiny voice) "but it's ugggggly" are just pissed they can't afford one, already bought something else or their wives wonÂ’t let them have oneÂ… hehe

I tell you what, I challenge any performance motorcycle enthusiast to take one for a spin and not walk away with a big fat smile.

Props to Suzuki for raising the bar yet again, it's tricks like this that hopefully will make the other Jap manufacturers get off their asses and surprise us.

Your TZ750 reference is appropriate, only this thing actually turns corners without having to sell your soul (nothing personal Mr. Roberts).

(raises glass) Here's to Honda, Yam, and Kawi knocking it off the fence sometime soon

5150boy 05-19-2003 09:36 PM

Re: '03 Best of the Best Feedback
It's funny that the "little" bike won again with the fasted lap. This is no fluke, since the R6 did it last year. See, on a tight track, ie, similar to THE STREET, all that power means nothing and is actually a handicap. It's also amazing that all the new 600's have as much staight-line speed as liter bikes of not that long ago. MY new 636 rocks. Man, these things are beating GSXR 750's in superstock trim. Liter-bike owners who do 99% of their sport riding on the streets (like we all do, really) have wasted their money. I saved big by getting the 636, and plan to use the xtra $$$$ to get a steering damper and a top-notch shock, which is FAR more important than HP. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

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