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Default Re: Exile Cycles Videos Reader Feedback

The bike is nothing special, in fact it's pretty ugly. And for the money you could get a heck of a lot more. And I don't see the logic behind trying to insult Americans. If he thinks that badly of our country and it's citizens he can get the hell out!
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Default Re: Exile Cycles / Confederates

Generally agree... The first generation Hellcats have an aesthetic appeal conspicuously absent in the 2nd (2003) generation, IMHO... Which, upon relfection, may be why those earlier Hellcats (only about 300 built) are attracting more interest... not to mention the price range of $18-26K as opposed to the H2 tab of $52K (+ tax, tag & title - of course).
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Default Re: Exile Cycles Videos Reader Feedback

I love the words he speaks in these video's and they are mostly true.All these bikes you see being produced today are like lolly pops.Build a bike thats stretcked out with a shiny motor put a few coats of candy paint on it and put some flames on it and you have a bike.There are tons of these bikes being produced by loads of bike builders and they all end up looking basicly the same.Exile Bikes are built basic and they speak for themselves.I'm sure alot of people like these basic black no frills bikes.I don't think he is trying to insult American Bike builders he's just trying to say they need to get off their butts and produce something different
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