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Default Re: Yeah, those 600cc bikes are LETHAL

Absolutely. I am trying to help a friend with his first bike. He likes the supersport look, so 750 Monsters and SV650s are a tough sell. Little Ninjas are sad excuses for motorcycles and, well, there is no and.

I find myself looking for a Hawk with RC30 fairings for him. Sad that we need to look to an unpopular, 13 year old bike.

Anybidy got a CBR400RR for sale?
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Default Re: My Foist Bike?

Vlad and Betamax are right. Go with the SV650. If I were in the market for a 600 displacement motorcycle the SV would be my choice, hands down.

There is a huge market segment devoted to upgrades for this little jewel of a bike. Many of these upgrades are dirt cheap compared to similar upgrades for the 600-4s.

This is especially important since Suzuki doesn't change the thing every year to cater to the sportbike mafia. And even if you buy the racerreplica 600-4 you will still be expected to do these upgrades since the stock components are never as good as dedicated racing aftermarket stuff.

Or just get the EX500. You'll at least be assured of being able to wax KPaul"Granny"Cook if you meet him.
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Default Re: Longwinded responce:

The BMW's servo assist isn't very linear and in extreme cornering situations, it would make me leery of tucking the front, while trail braking. I know this isn't a big concern for most, but I'd rather not have linked or servo-assisted brakes on any of my two wheeled vehicles. Straight ABS, without linking and without servo-assist is fine by me.
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Default Re: My Foist Bike?

I've got a friend at work that saw me checking out Suzuki's web site about a year ago, he took one look at the TL-R and decided he had to have one. This is a guy in his mid 40's who "rode a dirtbike once when he was a kid", It's been all me and a couple of other guy's can do to keep the dip-***** from running out and buying one. We've finally got him convinced that a 160mph race rep might not be a good first bike. We've managed to point him towards a SV650. I know the SV isn't a beginner bike either but it's got to be more forgiving than a TL-R. In truth he'll probably buy a jet ski instead but he had us going for awhile. The guy's 46, single, well to do and thinks he's 20. I'm surprised he don't want a Heritage- fat-softtail-springer-squish-o-glide.
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Default Re: Longwinded responce:

Sean did you fail to realize that you fall into the "Immortals" paragraph in my post above?

While there are no chicken strips on my back tire and the peg feelers ground off long ago (along with the end of the pegs), I still cant even fathom riding at your level. I commend you for at least being behind ABS unlike many o journalists. Would you agree that 99% of us if faced with the situation you discribe above would more than likely freeze like a deer in the headlights and run off the road anyway?

Guess the point I'm getting at is for us typical street riders where a car pulling out in front of us or something slick in the roadway is infinitly more possible are linked brakes that bad? As for me I still instintively hit the rear brake under emergancy braking even though my brakes are linked. As Sarnali pointed out above so many Journo's (including yourself above) say linked brakes, abs or both are cool but they dont want it. The message we readers normally come out with is that such features are crap, hard to use and could possibly be more of a risk than not. Wearing our boots where would you rank such systems?

When fractions of a second equal many feet down the road is the time difference between one lever activating both brakes or having to hit both with two limbs more or less benificial? Remember your words influence many many less experianced riders (your a mighty motorcycle journo, I'm just a schmuck with a keyboard). What would you recommend to a loved one that you helped influence into joining our dangerous way of life? Thanx ahead of time.
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Default Re: 2003 CBR600RR Reader Feedback

And the caption under the V4 says RC51....
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Default Re: My Foist Bike?

If one thing is certain in the world of motorcycles, it's that you will not keep it under 7000 rpm. Nobody ever has, nobody ever will.

A wise man once said that it is better to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow. Think about that before you buy a bike that you are not ready to push to it's limits when you are leaving the dealership.

That said, You will probably buy something that is way more than you can handle and the rest will go to dumb luck. If you have luck, you'll have a "few close calls" and if you don't, another statistic for a lawmaker/general public to prove how unsafe motorcycles are. And higher insurance. All of which is making it harder and harder for young people to enter into motorcycling. Somewhere in the quest for the "Ultimate 600" the manufacturers have made it almost impossible to get into ridin' bikes without making a huge commitment. Both financially and physically. There is a long list of people who have not been able to control a 250cc bike going all of 60mph through a gentle corner in optimal conditions. I know it sounds like a piece of cake after reading how a CBR is .015 seconds faster than a R6 and they are so stable and easy to ride superfast that anyone can be the next Ben Bostrom. No they aren't. The latest racer-replicas are being bought and crashed for the most part. By stupid men who think they are alone in this thing and not hurting anyone. As long as you are on public roads and have insurance from a major carrier, you are riding for us all out there. And your mistakes will be paid for by us all.

This is not directed to any one person, but more to all the people who can take out a loan and make 4 payments before they total it and go get a new one. Thanks for your time.
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Default Re: 2003 CBR600RR Reader Feedback

You DO realize that the engine cutaway in the CBR600RR track review is of a VFR engine, don't you? The CBR plant is an in-line four, not a V4!


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Default Re: 2003 CBR600RR Reader Feedback

Bull, I highly recommend the Ninja 250. I'm 6' but I could sit very flat footed on it and didn't really feel cramped on long rides (200 miles). I'm 19 and its what I learned on. I wish I could say that you guys where wrong and kids had more restraint but I'm fully aware that I'm the minority. Any knowledge out there about rwhp comparisons between the 600's. My 2000cbr600f4 was stolen a month ago and I'm looking at getting a new rr. I love honda's ergos and handling, but I also want to keep the performance up. My f4 was all tricked out so I didn't have to worry, but I don't want to buy a new bike that will be slower.
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