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webdev511 05-02-2003 02:44 AM

Where's my SuperMono?
Hmm, big demand for this one I guess. Now where the heck is my street legal SuperMono?

longride 05-02-2003 03:02 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
The wonderful thing about motorcyclists in general, is that they perceive themselves as a kind of "anti-normal", "against-the-grain", "non-conventional" bunch, but make a motorcycle look a bit different than the cookie-cutter version, and they all jump all over it because it's different. Every motorcycle that has ever jumped traditional looks has been labeled "ugly" by the same type of people that should accept non-convention as a good thing. I bet this bike looks pretty cool in person, and since it would be a fantastic real world bike, the only thing holding it back is the price. It's better than the same ole coming from the other mfgs. with the bold new graphics.

Fangit 05-02-2003 03:22 AM

Ugly?...Nah, I think it's rather cool actually...
Not really my type of bike...but I could see me giving this one a go. The fairing styling is somewhat controversial...but I don't hate it...and the rest of the bike is plain awesome. Full marks to Ducati for daring to push the styling envelope.

What's it cost? Did I miss that in the article?

Buzglyd 05-02-2003 03:36 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
You should hear 'em when someone releases a special phone. Good god you would have thought Harley was clubbing seals or something.

Anyway, I did see this in person at the Long Beach show and it is pretty cool looking. I like things that look "mechanical" and aren't all covered in plastic.

I give Ducati credit for being different considering every Japanese sportbike looks identical lined up one next to another. The creased Origami look is already wearing thin. Can any Japanese manufacturer (other than Yamaha) come up with a uniquely styled bike?

seruzawa 05-02-2003 03:53 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
So, Buz, did you order your $400 cellphone yet?

Buzglyd 05-02-2003 04:21 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
LOL....No, the Harley trinkets aren't for me. I haven't bought a H-D t-shirt in five years.

I'm waiting for the Ducati phone to come out anyway. That or the Suzuki "40th anniversary of our charter in California" phone.

longride 05-02-2003 04:29 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
I never thought that news bit about the phone would get that kind of response :) I had my asbestos, fringed arm chaps on that have a custom cell phone pocket on em, just in case that flame fest got out of hand.

LocutusDeBorg 05-02-2003 05:17 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
I just can't get the Starship Excelsior out of my mind when I look at the front of that thing.

"Peculiar" is the most charitable thing I can come up with.

I'm glad it's a great bike though. Ducati doesn't need an Edsel right now. Funny how in the past 15 years the cagers are all agog over SUVs, vehicles with 4WD capabilities that 90% will never use, and motorcycling has become obsessed with sportbikes, which also have capabilities 90% of us could never use ...

In reality these DP/Adventure-tourers/Everyman bikes are what most of us should be riding anyway, if we had any sense.

As for the near universal dearth of appealing style in this class, remember, when you are riding it you cant see the bike anyway. Just enjoy.

skeezer662 05-02-2003 05:18 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
Finally, a Duc for those very few of us over 25.

The looks are about the function.

nokneedragin 05-02-2003 05:28 AM

Re: 2003 Ducati Multistrada Reader Feedback
But ugly faring, but every thing else looks just awsome. Its got the goods to be a great bike, and the aftermarket faring makers are going to make some money. Still got a problem getting the cash for a Duc.

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