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Buzglyd 04-26-2003 05:53 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
Excellent report guys. Burns, I love your description of that route. I've ridden it many times and I love it because it is such a contrast to the yuppified coast where I live. We are truly blessed to be motorcyclists in SoCal where the diversity of the scenery is awesome.

As a Duc ST owner, I have to agree with you on the seat which is why I ditched the stocker for a Sargent (much better than Corbin IMO) and helibars so my hands would stop falling asleep. The Sargent also has excellent passenger accomodations.

I've lusted after the FJR since they appeared however with the new hog in the garage, I'll be hanging on to the Duc as my ST mount at least until a restyle is available.

johnnyb 04-26-2003 06:03 AM

One thing that's wrong...
in here is the Futura horsepower figure. This particular bike has a performance chip and loudish aftermarket exhaust. Look to last year's Futura test for a STOCK dyno chart...

tokenboy 04-26-2003 07:30 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
After reading numerous reviews, which I all enjoy, and watching numerous videos, which I all enjoy, I have one request.

Take one of JB's smelly old socks and mount it over the mic on the video camera. Eliminate the oh-so-annoying wind noise and let us hear the siren song the churning mills produced.

That's it, that's all. One simple little request.

rags23 04-26-2003 07:57 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback

while the comparison is good, the bikes are all mixed up:

Sprint ST, VFR, Ducati ST and the Futura fall under the beginner/sports-tourer category - chain drive, more sports oriented etc. They are like 600s to the litre class.

R1150RT or the K1200GT, FJR1300, ST1300, Triumph Trophy, Councours fall under the litre class of Sports-touring.

Granted, like the Kawi-ZX6R kicking the butts of 750s, some of the baby STs are comparable to their big brothers. But, one has to get their class compared first, take the winner & then take it & measure it against the big-brothers. - just like you did with the R6 couple of years back.

Oh, it is not about HP pissing contest in the ST category. It is more about all day comfort while racking up 700-1000miles a day, ergos, engine vibrations & buzziness, two-up comfort, handling when we hit the twisties (two-up), brakes, maintenance, reliability, wind buffeting & so on. It is not about dragging your knee on the track - but the bikes should be capable of doing it, when the owner desires so (the jekyl-hyde personality of STs).

Ignoring the ST1300 because it has fewer HPs to the FJR shows a lack of understanding of the segment (and grouping the Futura & Duc ST with the FJR proves it).

MO, don't know how much Yamaha is paying you, but camparos like this are useless...

rsheidler 04-26-2003 08:17 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
I must disagree that shaft drive is a prerequisite for touring. Modern O-ring chains are very low maintenance, and offer the advantages of lower weight, no shaft effect on handling and easier ratio changes. If ya wanna go lower maintenance, add a Scotts Chain Oiler.

Ducatis make fine touring mounts and are now very reliable. Lack of a dealer network could be an issue, depending on the part of the country you live in, but certainly is not that big a problem in the west.

Check out some of the endurance records set by multi-time Iron Butt winner Gary Eagan who now rides a Ducati-sponsored, Salt Lake Motorsports prepared ST4 in endurance competitions. He also uses the Scotts Oiler I mentioned.

If the FJR is so far ahead, how come it did not win this comparison? As each tested stated, which bike wins depends on which factors you weight the heaviest. This is a sport-touring comparo, so how you balance the sport and touring parts will deternine which you prefer.


Holzar 04-26-2003 08:23 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
Totally agree with Dardas on his comments re: the absence of the VFR.

If the VFR is more GT than ST, than how on earth could the Ducati be included with a straight face? EVERY shootout I've ever read comparing these bikes has put the Ducati in it's own sporting category, comparatively. It's a slightly more comfortable 916/996/998--a more sensible canyon carver--but not the kind of bike you want to ride cross country upon.

Also, since the VFR is arguably the reason that the Triumph Sprint ST, Aprilia Futura, and Ducati even exist, its absence seems a glaring mistake, imho.

This was a really informative shootout--it was just missing one of the star players.

rsheidler 04-26-2003 08:30 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
>>don't know how much Yamaha is paying you<<

Seeing that Aprilia got the first place rating, I guess Yamaha will be wanting their money back.


ofreen 04-26-2003 08:33 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
It's got to have something to do with MO being on the outs with Honda.

fizzchem 04-26-2003 08:38 AM

Re: Re-read the end Bob
The FJR is the recommended bike.

ofreen 04-26-2003 08:42 AM

Re: MO Sport Tour 2003 Feedback
They all sound like nice bikes, but even so, my 1990 CBR1000F with Givis still compares very favorably.

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