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Default Re: JB's Mental Breakdown: Mechanical Nightmare #3,621

You know, solving your problems shouldn't be our full-time gig.. I mean, where were you when my wife was screwing the tennis pro?? When my kid was robbing liquor stores?? Were you there for moral support after I had "the operation"? Listen, my car's a piece of ***** too, but you don't hear me whining to you about it.. I just don't see what all the fuss is about. Even if you fix that thing, what's it worth? And, more importantly, what's it saying about you anyway? "I'm trying too hard to appear to be wealthy", is my guess. Don't you already have a yacht for that? I'm telling you Burns, get your act together... Sell that P.O.S... If the wife don't like it, sell her too -- then you can use that "yacht" for its true purpose: Finding women that aren't smart enough to realize that a 190 Benz is a faker, and a 25 year-old yacht can be had for next to nothing.... On the other hand, maybe you wouldn't be such an entertaining writer if you pulled you head out of your ass...


Never mind.

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Default Re: JB's Mental Breakdown: Mechanical Nightmare #3,621


Good to see that you are still unhinged, amigo. Monkey wrenching is an activity that seems to vacillate between boredom and extreme emotional/physical turmoil with seemingly no middle ground. It's either great fun or it ain't.

I feel your pain. I have just gone through my 3rd FZR400 motor in as many race weekends. It is enough to make a grown man cry and it is beginning to illuminate a dimly lit spot in distant memory (from about 20 years back) when I threw way more money than I had at a TR-6 so that I go rally racing.


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