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Default Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

I can't believe you said "large gas tax" and "free market" in the same sentence without the word 'not' in beween. As in: A market with a large gas tax is NOT a free market. Also, replace the word gas with any other word and the same holds true. Free markets and taxes are mutually exclusive.

Raising taxes for middle class: Show me a bill that a majority of rebublicans favored, AND a majority of democrats opposed, that raised taxes for the middle class. I'll give you a hint: You wont find one.
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Default Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice fratboy. Living in California as I do, it's easy to see how those evil Republicans have screwed up this place.

As PJ O'rourke once said, "When Republicans ruin the environment, plunder the treasury and screw the taxpayer, at least someone makes a buck off of it. Democrats do it just for fun."
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Default Re: Necessity is the mother of invention

Hey Gooseman - I said "setting up" tax hikes - that will undoubtedly go into effect after this administration leaves office.

The point is - Bush isn't balancing the budget, but he IS cutting tax for the super rich and cutting aid for the super poor. Generally speaking - this leaves the working middle class to make up the money that the dividend tax and interest tax (due to new "lifetime savings" plan) would have made. Of course, none of this is going to happen NOW, but it's already in process.

Anyway - lets go back to talking about motorcycles because we obviously don't get along talking about politics - and this isn't the forum for it anyway.

Buzglyd: I'm not a frat boy and never was - 'nuff said.
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