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voyseyg 04-08-2003 04:59 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
Ok, truth is I don't give a rat's behind about either of these cruise liners BUT I really really want on of those plate holders. Where they at anyway??

sarnali 04-08-2003 09:41 AM

Re: The Runaway
been there, done that, weed, speed and homemade motorcycles. It's amazing anyone survived

sarnali 04-08-2003 10:47 AM

Re: sport touring V-Rod
Why didn't you just say HD web site, V-Rod accessory section instead of all that other bull*****?

seruzawa 04-08-2003 10:54 AM

Re: What's next, fighting dragons?
Trying to get the monkey off one's back is probably the more accurate description.

captainwhoopass 04-08-2003 01:42 PM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
Yes, I agree with you completely on the first point. Ironically, the same people who bashed H-D in that article probably touted the alleged impeccable reliability of the BMW (also air-cooled, but I guess that's okay to them because it's a Beemer, and more importantly to them, not a Harley. After all, Harleys are unreliable- just ask all their friends who have never owned or ridden one).

On the forward controls, I'm not crazy about them either, but I could probably get used to the ones on the Warrior. The V-Rod's, however, are too far out for me.

captainwhoopass 04-08-2003 01:48 PM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
I guess it depends somewhat on what your expectations and criteria are for cruiser handling. The Warrior impressed me with three things- stability/rigidity, light turning/steering effort, and overall confidence in corners. The Rod had the light steering effort and overall frame rigidity, but suffered from the dreaded "chopper-flop" -if I leaned it more than halfway towards peg-dragging lean angles, it felt like the front end was going to wash out.

runner00 04-08-2003 03:52 PM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
I don't know. I think a bike's success is dependent on a lot of things. With top of the line bikes now going for around 20,000 dollars and the economy

at a turnstyle bikes like the vrod I think are too

dependent on the health of the economy. There are few people who are willing to spend that much on a bike when the times are not exactly smoking.

People in the know...know you can get a much better performing sport tourer at a significantly

lower price. Like a st4 at around 15,000 . But I will say this. If it's not 100 hp it's not worth it. So bypass both of these bikes... re-consider the VTX if you must have a cruiser otherwise consider the sport touring world where you actually get something for your money.

maxriderdon 04-09-2003 06:40 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
I agree with sport touring suggestion. No other type of bike comes close to the bangobucks you get with sport touring bikes. Look at the Concours. For 6 grand you can get a prestine condition bike with all the upgrades and the bike overall outperforms all but a few very modified cruisers. I ride a V-max only because it's a resonably price bike I can cruise on and when I get that need for speed it acts like super high performance cruiser.

captainwhoopass 04-09-2003 07:32 AM

Re: OK, I figured it out now
Nah, I doubt Jesse had anything to do with it- I imagine the seating position had more to do with ground clearance (high pegs) and steering effort (low handlebars) than style.

reggler 04-10-2003 04:21 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
handling matters no matter what style of bike you ride. don't be narrow minded. someday you'll be like me, too old to do any knee scraping. after 30 years of riding I may even know a little of what I'm talking about.

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