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captainwhoopass 04-07-2003 08:45 AM

Re: V-Rod gives exclusivity to the Poser
*on the set of KPaul's new TV fishing show, A$$MASTERS*

KPaul: Well today we're going out to the trusty MO fishing hole. Today's target fish is the largemouth hog. We're going to go with the old standby bait: the flaming html. It's an old standby bait for me that almost always gets a nibble or two, and 9 times out of 10 will put a fish on the line.

*KPaul casts*

KPaul's assistant, Longride (visibly irritated): Well I'm personally tired of this fish and this bait. I wish we could go after a different fish for this week's show, instead of the same old thing. Can't we go after the elusive twinphile ducatifish, or the easy to hook but nearly impossible to land red spotted hondalover?

Deck hand: Fish On!

KPaul (reeling in first fish): No, we're going to stick with the plan and go after the hog- why break with tradition? It's easy to hook and not too difficult to land. Maybe next week we'll go after one of the ones you mentioned.

captainwhoopass 04-07-2003 08:49 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
The Harley yes (a V-max will outhandle it), but not the Warrior.

KPaulCook 04-07-2003 09:56 AM

Re: V-Rod gives exclusivity to the Poser
LOL You are one smart fish. Here I was trying to add a little marshmellow on my worms and salmon eggs bait. Thanks for spooking the fish Captian Sir. ;}

Meatball_1 04-07-2003 10:04 AM

Re: The Runaway
That was soooo beautiful, I laughed all the way through it. Got to admit it I owned an HD during those heady Days when Easy Rider Magazine was actually popular and everything you said was so true, c'mon admit it you owned one yourself, how else could you know all those things.

I'm now a happy Yamaha Warrior owner (ya I know it's still all show and no go) All the sound and fury, twice the performance and none of the pain.

seruzawa 04-07-2003 10:06 AM

Re: Now I know the reason for armchaps!
..or when giving a reacharound.

seruzawa 04-07-2003 10:33 AM

Re: The Runaway
The brake cable would have to break simultaneously (or the suicide linkage break) as well.

More coincidences here than a James Bond movie.

bigjames 04-07-2003 10:43 AM

Whoops, just noticed I messed up the Gender!
Replace he with she and him with her and his with hers!

Sorry, a back seat review is simple the fecal matter of bulls! She wojld have preferred a Gold Wing over either bike and we all know it!

Meatball_1 04-07-2003 10:44 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
I've been riding for 25 years now and hearing this resale argument the whole time. Personaly I don't buy motorcycles and sell them the next year, maybe if I did it "MIGHT" make sense. My last two bikes (a HD and a Gold Wing both lasted me over 14 years). BUT up here in Canada if you figure in insurance costs, even for just a couple of years, you're never going to come out ahead. Harleys are much more than twice as much to insure.

Most of the people I ride with ride HD and by for the vast majority of them spend big bucks on them befor they ever ride them. If I were to spend anywhere near the price of a stock 88 on my Warrior nothing in the cruiser class would touch it. And it is a sweet looking bike.

I would also like to add that at 5' 10" and 180, I find the Warrior very comfortable (I have changed the bars and added a small wind screen) although the wind in the face can get a bit much at times (very hard to keep it moving very slow).

ebass 04-07-2003 10:52 AM

sport touring V-Rod
I've seen one, and it actually looks really nice.

maxriderdon 04-07-2003 11:02 AM

Re: 2003 V-Rod Vs. Warrior Reader Feedback
Maybe I am wrong, but from the people I know HD owners pour mega dollars into their rides. Ex. Co-worker 1st bike sporster 1200 w/5K chrome and stuff(his words not mine) 2 yrs. old now trying to sell for 9K. Has been trying for over 6 mo. to sell (many methods). His current bike Road King. He bought it with extra chrome and stuff. Had the engine beefed up some he can keep up with plain Road Star (not warrior). He has over 26K so far invested and wants more. Pick an area and there are tons of these used bikes for sell. "Time value of money" is prob investings most first learned terms. Put the phrase in Google and you'll get 60K something hits. Vague term, I think not. In this example if you tie up extra money in something as oppossed to taking that additional money and investing it you loose. Would you loan me 10K for 2~3 yrs and then let me pay you back only 10K? Ask the banker that. He will then teach you "time value of money". Compared to most you are doing pretty good for buying HD. You are more disiplined than avg.. How about this example. 2 yr. old Virago 1100/3700 miles/looks like new. Bought it, rode it 20K miles in 2.5 yrs. Sold it for 500 less than I bought it. Put 600 in upgrades. My loss 1100 dollars in 2.5 yrs. This bike out handled/out performed all but mega mod Harleys, and reliable as you can get. I like some Harleys, but I despise the attitudes . Some people actually fear being seen riding a Non HD product (we called it peer pressure when we were younger). Speaking of Bullsh!t. "If you don't have a Harley you don't have a real motorcycle". "Exclusivity, or the illusion of it, is a large factor in resale" You are so right. Keeping product levels slightly lower than demand works perfect with the HD product. It feeds that got have hunger (it must be the greatest, everyone wants one). The real bangobuck, the tangible is not there. Now Buell, that's another story. But how come the better bikes are half the price(Buell vs. HD)

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